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The full list of completed projects is below. 

Technical Efficiency and Cost-Ratios of State Health Care

In a research study supported by the Wisconsin Hospital Association, economist Russell Kashian, Ph.D., at the University of Wisconsin - Whitewater, found Wisconsin to be the third most efficient state in the country. Kashian used financial, technological, and human resources as his inputs with the outputs being health outcomes, quality and access to care. Over a five-year period of 2008-2012, the study found Wisconsin's health care delivery system uses resources more efficiently than all but two states, Hawaii and Iowa, and Wisconsin patients have better outcomes, are more satisfied with the care they receive and care is more accessible in all parts of the state compared to almost all other states.

Economic Impact on Wisconsin of Trade-supported Technical Education

Interim Report Summarizing Significant Changes in Tax Increment Finance Policy in Wisconsin

Ethnic Festivals in Milwaukee Wisconsin - An economic impact study

Milwaukee hosts multiple ethnic celebrations - Polish Fest, Arab Fest, German Fest, African World Festival, Festa Italiana, Irish Fest, Mexican Fiesta, and Indian Summer - This report explores the economic impact of these festivals.

Potato Production in Wisconsin - Analyzing the Economic Impact

In 2014, FERC gathered data from government agencies and growers associations including the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), the National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS), and the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture regarding the Potato Industry.  Our results have found that Wisconsin is the nation’s third-largest grower of potatoes, producing 2.6 billion pounds of potatoes in 2013 and has a combined impact (including direct, indirect and induced) of $522,278,361 on Wisconsin’s economy. This impact led to the creation of 3,122.5 jobs.

Measuring the Economic Impact of Water Quality Initiatives

The University of Wisconsin Whitewater’s Fiscal and Economic Research Center (FERC) and the Institute for Water Businesses were tasked with conducting an analysis of the total economic impact of all FFLM-funded projects between 2011 and 2013.  The primary finding of this study is that the Fund for Lake Michigan has had a very positive, demonstrable economic impact in the southeastern region of Wisconsin. Our findings also suggest that, if funded in the same manner, the Fund for Lake Michigan should continue to have a similar level of economic impact for the foreseeable future.

A Gap Analysis: Butcher Shops

In order to determine potential sites for butcher shops, the Fiscal and Economic Research Center (FERC) at the University of Wisconsin- Whitewater developed a "Gap Analysis".  This analysis employed an empirical analysis to estimate the Cities, Villages and Townships in Wisconsin that possess the demographic qualities a potential butcher shop owner should look for.

NCAA Division III Athletics Measuring X-Efficiency 2007-2012

Using data from 2007-2012, the FERC developed an x-efficiency analysis to estimate  how effectively universities used resources to score points in the Directors' Cup competition - a broad-based mark of success for college athletics.

Do Minority-owned Banks Pay Higher Interest Rates on CDs?

This paper analyzes whether minority-owned banks pass along an advantage in access to governmental deposits to the communities they serve in the form of higher interest rates on certificates of deposit (CDs). 

Processed Sweet Corn: Analyzing the Economic Impact in Wisconsin

While the term "like a can of corn" implies that something is easy, the relationship of sweet corn to the Wisconsin economy is actually complex. The vertical integrated system of the sweet corn industry shows a solid platform for job creation along each process.

State of Ingenuity: A Synthetic Economic Index 

Regions with high levels of growth and development experience benefits stemming from strong economic activity, whereas regions with stagnating or negative growth must analyze their economic conditions to improve them. Using data-based tools can help improve the overall economic condition of the region.

Wisconsin Ginseng: Impacts and Implications

Ginsenoside levels in Wisconsin ginseng makes Wisconsin ginseng a desirable commodity. Ginsenosides, found only in ginseng, provide health benefits to those who consume the plant. This paper analyzes the economic impact of the ginseng industry on the surrounding economy.

Cranberries of Wisconsin

In 2012, FERC gathered data from government agencies and growers associations including the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), the National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS), the Wisconsin State Cranberry Growers Association (WSTCGA), and the Cape Cod Cranberry Growers Associations (CCCGA) on this industry. Information included production totals, yield per acre, acres harvested, utilization (fresh or processed), pricing, value of production and local economy spending.

Dietary Supplements:  Analyzing the Economic Impact in Wisconsin

The Dietary Supplement industry affects the economy in three main ways.  Direct, indirect, and induced effects from this industry affect the economy.  This report summarizes the impacts of the dietary supplement industry on Wisonsin's economy.

Interim Report Summarizing Significant Changes in Tax Increment Finance Policy in Wisconsin

The combination of the slowdown in development brought about by the construction downturn with the ''popping of the real estate bubble'' has created two competing challenges for tax increment financing (TIF). This report examines these challenges.

A Durations Analysis of Tax Increment Finance District Lifespans

Communities have a tool at their disposal to facilitate such catalysts, called Tax Increment Finance (TIF). A TIF allows a community to subsidize an improvement using the increase in tax revenue it expects to see as a result of the improvement.

Tainter Lake and Lake Menomin: The Impact of Diminishing Water Quality on Value

Tainter and Menomin both suffer from severe and often toxic Blue Green Algae blooms driven by high watershed loading of nutrients. In consideration of this issue, it is the goal of this analysis to determine whether the value of the lake property has kept pace with properties on competing lakes within the same market.

Exporting Knowledge: A Growth Industry for Wisconsin

During the 2010 school year, 691,000 international students came to the United States to study. This study focuses on the impact these students on the local economy.

The Economic Impact of the Nature Valley Bicycle Festival: A Pilot Study on the Stage 5 Menomonie WI Road Race

The Menomonie Road Race provides entertainment for an estimated 3,000 spectators. Data collected from spectators of the road race was used to estimate the total economic impact of the bicycle race on the local Menomonie, WI.

Market Analysis of Historic Gas Station Property (includes Appendix A and B) - Appendix C, Appendix D, Appendix E

Included in the market analysis is an overview of the property and its location, a literature review revealing how like properties have been managed in other communities, an economic outlook for Janesville, and a discussion of property renovation funding opportunities. Lastly, this report provides a situation analysis or "SWOT" of repurposing the gas station property.

The Economic Impact of University of Wisconsin Whitewater

This report explores the various ways that the University of Wisconsin Whitewater impacts Walworth, Jefferson, and Rock counties. Some ways the university has an influence is by bringing in money, employment, and volunteerism.

Walworth County Fair: An Economic Impact Analysis

This report studies the impact that the Walworth County Fair has on the local economy of Walworth County. It looks at how much money fair attendees spend at the fair, with whom they attended the event, their household incomes, as well as, their favorite aspects of the fair.

Economic Impact of Eagle Lake Community on the town of Dover and Racine County

This report has three sections. The first section is the survey that seeks to gather information from property owners. The second is a hedonic analysis of the value of real estate on Eagle Lake and its evolution over the past 20 years. The last section is an analysis to estimate the economic impact and contribution of the part time residents on Eagle Lake.

Economic Impact of Young Auditorium on Whitewater and the Surrounding Community

The combined economic impact of the Young Auditorium is $2,117 million. Nearby businesses profit and new jobs are created.

What is the Value of a Clean and Healthy Lake to a Local Community?

This independent report evaluates and quantifies the importance of Delavan Lake to the local economy.

City of Whitewater Wisconsin Citizen's Off-Campus Housing Survey

The City of Whitewater Student Housing Survey was designed to gather information from property owners in the City of Whitewater, Wisconsin to help the city assess the taxpayer's view of off-campus student housing. There are clear indications of citizen's concerns and their relationship to landlord concerns.

University of Wisconsin Whitewater Off-Campus Student Survey

Understanding students' views of demand and utilization is considered critical for planning continual housing issues in the City of Whitewater.

Village of Menomonee Falls Comprehensive Plan Survey

The Village of Menomonee Falls Comprehensive Plan Survey was designed to gather information from property owners in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin to help the Village plan for future growth and development in Menomonee Falls.

Enhanced Earnings and Tax Revenues from a University of Wisconsin Whitewater Degree: A Synthetic Analysis

This report addresses a critical issue in public finance: the economic value of an education. This includes enhanced earnings the student receives and the benefit enjoyed by the community when this graduate adds to the overall income base of the state.

Value of a University of Wisconsin - Whitewater Degree

This report illustrates that a University of Wisconsin - Whitewater degree greatly increases a person's ability to earn a good income over the course of his or her lifetime.

Bankruptcy: A Growing Problem

This report is a comprehensive look into bankruptcies at the county, state, regional and national levels.