Education Projects

Economic Impact on Wisconsin of Trade-Supported Technical Education

NCAA Division III Athletics Measuring X-Efficiency 2007-2012

Using data from 2007-2012, the FERC developed an x-efficiency analysis to estimate  how effectively universities used resources to score points in the Directors' Cup competition - a broad-based mark of success for college athletics.

State of Ingenuity: A Synthetic Economic Index 

Regions with high levels of growth and development experience benefits stemming from strong economic activity, whereas regions with stagnating or negative growth must analyze their economic conditions to improve them. Using data-based tools can help improve the overall economic condition of the region.

Exporting Knowledge: A Growth Industry for Wisconsin

During the 2010 school year, 691,000 international students came to the United States to study. This study focuses on the impact these students on the local economy.

Economic Impact of Young Auditorium on Whitewater and the Surrounding Community

The combined economic impact of the Young Auditorium is $2,117 million. Nearby businesses profit and new jobs are created.

University of Wisconsin Whitewater Off-Campus Student Survey

Understanding students' views of demand and utilization is considered critical for planning continual housing issues in the City of Whitewater.

Enhanced Earnings and Tax Revenues from a University of Wisconsin Whitewater Degree: A Synthetic Analysis

This report addresses a critical issue in public finance: the economic value of an education. This includes enhanced earnings the student receives and the benefit enjoyed by the community when this graduate adds to the overall income base of the state.

Value of a University of Wisconsin - Whitewater Degree

This report illustrates that a University of Wisconsin - Whitewater degree greatly increases a person's ability to earn a good income over the course of his or her lifetime.

The Economic Impact of the University of Wisconsin - Whitewater

This report explores the various ways that the University of Wisconsin Whitewater impacts Walworth, Jefferson, and Rock counties.