Housing and Property Studies

The Economic and Fiscal Impact of Wisconsin's Brownfields Investments

This study assessed the economic and fiscal impacts of a state, like Wisconsin, investing public funds into an initiative that cleans up and reuses brownfields properties. 

Tainter Lake and Lake Menomin: The Impact of Diminishing Water Quality on Value

Tainter and Menomin both suffer from severe and often toxic Blue Green Algae blooms driven by high watershed loading of nutrients. In consideration of this issue, it is the goal of this analysis to determine whether the value of the lake property has kept pace with properties on competing lakes within the same market.

Market Analysis of Historic Gas Station Property (includes Appendix A and B) - Appendix C, Appendix D, Appendix E

Included in the market analysis is an overview of the property and its location, a literature review revealing how like properties have been managed in other communities, an economic outlook for Janesville, and a discussion of property renovation funding opportunities. Lastly, this report provides a situation analysis or "SWOT" of repurposing the gas station property.

Economic Impact of Eagle Lake Community on the town of Dover and Racine County

This report has three sections. The first section is the survey that seeks to gather information from property owners. The second is a hedonic analysis of the value of real estate on Eagle Lake and its evolution over the past 20 years. The last section is an analysis to estimate the economic impact and contribution of the part time residents on Eagle Lake.

City of Whitewater Wisconsin Citizen's Off-Campus Housing Survey

The City of Whitewater Student Housing Survey was designed to gather information from property owners in the City of Whitewater, Wisconsin to help the city assess the taxpayer's view of off-campus student housing. There are clear indications of citizen's concerns and their relationship to landlord concerns.

University of Wisconsin Whitewater Off-Campus Student Survey

Understanding students' views of demand and utilization is considered critical for planning continual housing issues in the City of Whitewater.

Village of Menomonee Falls Comprehensive Plan Survey

The Village of Menomonee Falls Comprehensive Plan Survey was designed to gather information from property owners in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin to help the Village plan for future growth and development in Menomonee Falls.

Muskego Bike Path Impact Study

This study examines the impact of proximity to the Muskego Bike Path on home prices. 

Blue/Green Corridor: Establishing the Intersection Between Economic Growth and Environmental Design

This study examines the economic impact of a blue/green corridor along the Chicago River.