Tourism Projects

Ethnic Festivals in Milwaukee Wisconsin - An economic impact study

Milwaukee hosts multiple ethnic celebrations - Polish Fest, Arab Fest, German Fest, African World Festival, Festa Italiana, Irish Fest, Mexican Fiesta, and Indian Summer - This report explores the economic impact of these festivals.

The Economic Impact of the Nature Valley Bicycle Festival: A Pilot Study on the Stage 5 Menomonie WI Road Race

The Menomonie Road Race provides entertainment for an estimated 3,000 spectators. Data collected from spectators of the road race was used to estimate the total economic impact of the bicycle race on the local Menomonie, WI.

Walworth County Fair: An Economic Impact Analysis

This report studies the impact that the Walworth County Fair has on the local economy of Walworth County. It looks at how much money fair attendees spend at the fair, with whom they attended the event, their household incomes, as well as, their favorite aspects of the fair.

Economic Impact of Eagle Lake Community on the town of Dover and Racine County

This report has three sections. The first section is the survey that seeks to gather information from property owners. The second is a hedonic analysis of the value of real estate on Eagle Lake and its evolution over the past 20 years. The last section is an analysis to estimate the economic impact and contribution of the part time residents on Eagle Lake.

Economic Impact of Young Auditorium on Whitewater and the Surrounding Community

The combined economic impact of the Young Auditorium is $2,117 million. Nearby businesses profit and new jobs are created.

What is the Value of a Clean and Healthy Lake to a Local Community?

This independent report evaluates and quantifies the importance of Delavan Lake to the local economy.