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The mission of the Fiscal and Economic Research Center (FERC) is to tap into University of Wisconsin-Whitewater faculty expertise and provide outreach services to members of of the regional community. In achieving this mission, FERC provides high-caliber students with the opportunity to work closely with faculty experts in applying concepts and theories to practical, real-world cases. Practical project-based work not only enhances students' educational experience, but it also maximizes their value to future employers by providing them with an economic tool-set applicable in modern firms.

Dr. Russ Kashian - Director - CV

As Director of the FERC and a Professor of Economics at the University of Wisconsin Whitewater, has seen his work in applied economics published in both practitioner format and in peer reviewed academic journals.   Beginning with the "Value of a Clean Lake", the FERC has focused on the positive economic impact of managing the environment for positive economic contributions with consideration to the environment. In its research into Tax Incremental Finance, serious effort was made to see the relationship between one economic activity and a neighboring activity. In its recent work on the specialty crops of Wisconsin, supply chain analysis has been integrated with input/output analysis in economic impact calculations.  Dr. Kashian earned a BA from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, a MS in Urban Studies from Cleveland State University, and PhD from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.


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