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A gift by check is one of the most common methods for making an outright charitable contribution. For gifts by check of $250 and more, donors must have written confirmation from the charitable donee, as canceled checks are no longer sufficient proof of a deductible gift at this level. Cancelled checks are acceptable for checks of less than $250. True cash gifts (not checks), regardless of the amount, must be evidenced by a receipt from the charitable organization.

To illustrate the net cost of a $1,000 cash gift, assume the gift is made by a taxpayer with a combined state and federal marginal income tax rate of 36 percent. The amount of the tax bracket, multiplied by the amount of the gift, is subtracted from the gift to determine the net cost to the donor.

36% x $1,000 = $360
$1,000 - $360 = $640

Therefore, the net cost of the donor's gift is $640.

If you have questions or require any assistance, please contact Emily Gruenewald, UW-Whitewater's Interim Executive Director of University Alumni Relations and Development, at or phone 262-472-3182.

Ways to make a cash gift

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

Your gift through EFT is a win-win: for you, it's a convenient, easy way to support UW-Whitewater Foundation, and, at the same time, gift-processing costs are reduced so your gift achieves more. When you enroll, your gift will automatically transfer from your checking account or be billed to your credit card. All gifts are processed around the 15th of each month and will appear on your checking account or credit card statement. You may change or cancel your gifts at any time by notifying us of the change in writing. Simply fill out the EFT Enrollment and mail to the address listed on the form.

Credit Card Online

The simplest way to make a credit card gift is to use our online giving form.

Credit Card by Mail

However, if you prefer, you can make a credit card gift through the mail. To do so, complete the mail-in gift form, and send it to the address listed on the form. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

Credit Card by Phone

To make a credit card gift by phone, call the UW-Whitewater Foundation Foundation at (262) 472-1105. Please have your credit card number, expiration date, and daytime phone number ready.

Personal Check

Please make checks payable to the University of Wisconsin - Whitewater Foundation and mail, along with the mail-in gift form, to the address listed on the form.


Not ready to give today? You can also make a pledge by filling out the pledge form. This form will allow you to distribute your payments any way you like. You may also make pledge payments in a variety of ways including credit card, check, or automatic bank draft.

Matching Gift

Many employers sponsor matching gift programs that supplement their employees' charitable donations. Your company may match, double, or even triple your initial gift. Make sure you also check your company's giving policy to see if you're eligible. Eligible donors for a corporate matching gift may include:

  • A current full-time or part-time employee
  • A retired employee
  • Spouse of an employee
  • Widow and/or widower of a former employee

For more information, contact Lauree Miller, UWW Foundation Manager, or 262-472-1105.