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Securities Held by Your Broker

Another great way to support the University is through the gifting of securities, such as stock or mutual fund shares. In this way you can provide financial support in a straightforward process.

Important notice when transferring stocks to UW-Whitewater Foundation: Due to federal, state and local privacy statutes currently enforced, often your broker may not provide us with any personal information, including your name. The only information that comes to UW-Whitewater Foundation with your transfer may be the name of the security, number of shares, and firm initiating the transfer. As you initiate your transfer, please contact us and let us know the details of the stock and quantity that you will be contributing. With this information, it is possible for us to match your gift to the broker's transfer, and allows us to deposit your gift into the correct account and properly thank and receipt you for your gift.
If your broker holds the securities, please provide your broker with the following information:

Broker: Robert W Baird & Co Inc.
1 N Main Street
Janesville, WI 54545
Phone: 608-752-9406
Toll Free Phone: 888-792-9807
Fax: 608-752-2593
Representative: Eric Dahlberg
Broker #: AP02
DTC Number 0547
Assistant: Beth Bergmann

Please also provide your broker with your name, address, details including stock name, number of shares, and designation of your gift. The date of the gift will be the date that the securities arrive in UW-Whitewater Foundation's account.

Securities Held by You

If you hold securities in certificate form:

  1. Endorse each certificate on the back to The UW-Whitewater Foundation, Inc.
  2. Sign your name exactly as it appears on the face of the certificate and have your signature medallion guaranteed by an officer of a bank or your stockbroker. Without this guarantee, we will be unable to process your gift.
  3. Mail the certificate(s) and a letter describing how you want your gift used to:

    UW-Whitewater Foundation
    ATTN: Jon Enslin
    800 West Main Street
    Whitewater, WI 53190-1790

The date of your gift will be the date that the certificate(s) are mailed to UW-Whitewater Foundation-the postmark date.

If you prefer to hand deliver the certificate(s), bring them and the letter describing the intended use to the UW-Whitewater Foundation, 800 West Main Street, Whitewater, Wisconsin. For the hand-delivered certificate(s), the date of your gift will be the date they are delivered to UW-Whitewater Foundation.

Note: Making a gift by having the certificate(s) re-registered in UW-Whitewater Foundation's name is not recommended because of the delay involved in the process.

Questions and Comments

If you have questions regarding a gift of securities, please contact UW-Whitewater Foundation President, Jon Enslin, or 262-472-1482.

Mutual Fund Shares

If you would like to gift shares of a mutual fund to UW-Whitewater Foundation, please contact UW-W Foundation President, Jon Enslin, or 262-472-1482.

Each mutual fund has specific transfer procedures. Jon Enslin can assist you with the transfer of shares of your particular fund.