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Business Casual

So what can you do with your business degree? What will your focus be? Accounting? Human Resources? Finance? International Business? Find your niche and explore your passion by joining the Business Casual learning community.

This learning community is intended to help students who know they want to be in business, but are not 100% sure what to focus on. This community will give students interested in all areas of business the opportunity to further refine their focus, as well as learn and practice effective principles of leadership and business. Learn how to be successful and gain respect in the business world. You will take some classes together as well as live in a residence hall with other business majors. If you're ready to sharpen your focus, learn how to be a good businessperson and have a lot of fun, join Business Casual today!

Who can I live with if I join this Learning Community?

  • You can live with anyone in a Learning Community living in Knilans Hall (please see our FAQ page for a complete listing of those LCs in Knilans Hall)

Available For:

  • All business majors, in particular, "business undecided"


  • Knilans Hall


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