Current Graduate Council

Graduate Council - February 2015 Agenda

January 29, 2015

TO:                  Members of the Graduate Council

FROM:           John Stone, Dean

                        School of Graduate Studies and Continuing Education

RE:                 Graduate Council Meeting of 5 February 2015


The Graduate Council will meet at

2:15 p.m.

 Thursday, 5 February 2015

UC 259A


      I.              Approval of Minutes from the December 4, 2014 Meeting.

II.            Announcements

A.   Spring 2015 Graduate FTE Enrollments by Program 1 February (attached)

B.   Spring 2015 Graduate Commencement Ceremony:  16 May 2015  Commencement Numbers (attached)

C.   Dissertation Guidelines (attached)

D.   Graduate Research Grants Due Date:  6 February  (attached)

E.   Graduate Assistantship Applications for 2015-16 Deadline:  15 February

III.            Information Only Items


IV.          Business Items

A.    Curricular Action:  Grade Basis Change from the Department of Counselor Education:  COUNSED 793  Supervised Practicum  FROM:  Conventional Grade  TO:  S/NC

B.      Curricular Action:  New Course from the Department of Social Work:  SOCWORK 575:  Social Work Case Management

V.           Administrative Action

A.    Change department name to Geography, Geology and Environmental Science 

VI.          Continuation of Discussion Specifying the Differences in Graduate and Undergraduate Education

c:  Chancellor Telfer, Provost Kopper, Associate Vice Chancellor Cook, Deans, Department Chairs, Program Coordinators, Marketing and Media Relations