Current Graduate Council

Graduate Council - February 2015 Minutes


February 5, 2015

PRESENT:    Jennifer Betters-Bubon (for Jeff Cook), Corey Davis, Roxanne DePaul, Christina Jones, Kim Knesting-Lund, Aaron Malone, Rick Mason, Carol Normand, Praveen Parboteeah, Erica Ritchie, Jeannine Rowe (for Sarah Hessenauer), Carol Scovotti, David Welsch, and John Zbikowski.

ABSENT:       Paul Ambrose, Sang Choi , *Colin De Mers, Diane Pertzborn, Karla Saeger, Celine Santos and Shannon Stuart.

GUEST:         Carol Elsen, Carolyn Morgan, and Lois Smith.

*Previously notified.

The February 5, 2015, meeting was called to order at 2:20 p.m. by Dean John Stone.     Praveen Parboteeah moved, with a second by David Welsch, to approve the minutes of the December 4, 2014 meeting.  Motion carried.


A.   The February 1, 2015, FTE report distributed with the agenda revealed that the graduate FTE on this date is almost identical to the FTE at this time last year. 

B.   There are 218 graduate students participating in the May 2015 commencement ceremony.  Dick Telfer has agreed to be the commencement speaker for the graduate ceremony.

C.   A draft of the dissertation guidelines was distributed with the agenda.  The guidelines were written generically in case additional doctoral programs are added in the future, and so they would not pertain only to the DBA degree.  The guidelines outline the baseline measures, and, as always, departments can have more stringent guidelines.  The guidelines will need to be approved by the Graduate Council.

D.   The Graduate Research grant application deadline for the spring 2015 term is Friday, February 6, 2015.  Awards of up to $750 can be used to defray presentation costs or for data collection for research.

E.   The 2015-16 graduate assistantship application deadline is February 15, 2015.

Information Only Item(s)



Business Items

John Zbikowski moved, with a second by Roxanne DePaul, to approve the grade basis change for a course from the Department of Counselor Education.  The motion carried.

A.    Curricular Action:  Grade Basis Change from the Department of Counselor Education:  COUNSED 793  Supervised Practicum  FROM:  Conventional Grade  TO:  S/NC


Next, Jeannine Rowe moved to approve the new course from the Social Work Department.  Corey Davis seconded the motion.  Jeannine explained that this will be part of the new MSW degree program that is currently in the planning stages.  With no further discussion, the motion carried.

B.      Curricular Action:  New Course from the Department of Social Work:  SOCWORK 575:  Social Work Case Management

Administrative Action Item 

Carol Scovotti moved, with a second from Jeannine Rowe, to approve the departmental name change from Geography and Geology to Geography, Geology and Environmental Science.  Motion carried. 

New Business Item

The remainder of the meeting was spent discussing of the Graduate Learning Project.  

Carol Normand moved to adjourn the meeting.  Praveen Parboteeah seconded the motion.  The meeting adjourned at 3:35 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Sally Lange