Current Graduate Council

Graduate Council - May 2016 Agenda

April 28, 2016

TO: Members of the Graduate Council
FROM: Seth Meisel, Associate Dean
School of Graduate Studies and Continuing Education
RE: Graduate Council Meeting of 5 May 2016


The Graduate Council will meet at

2:15 p.m.

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Hyland Hall 4303


  1. Approval of Minutes From the April 7, 2016 Meeting 
  2. Announcements
        Graduate Assistant Survey Results
  3. Information Only Items
    1. Curricular Action: Title Change from the Department of Accounting: ACCOUNT 781 FROM: Applied Accounting Research TO: Accounting Theory and Applied Research
  4. Business Items
    1. Discussion of Graduate Writing Report (1 of 2) (2 of 2)
    2. Curricular Schedule 

c: Chancellor Kopper, Interim Provost Stone, Associate Vice Chancellor Cook, Deans, Department Chairs, Program Coordinators, Marketing and Media Relations