Current Graduate Council

Graduate Council - October 2015 Minutes

September 24, 2015

TO: Members of the Graduate Council
FROM: Seth Meisel, Interim Dean
School of Graduate Studies and Continuing Education
RE: Graduate Council Meeting of 1 October 2015


The Graduate Council will meet at

2:15 p.m.

Thursday, 1 October 2015

UC 259A


  1. Approval of Minutes from the May 7, 2015, meeting
  2. Anouncements
    1. Spring 2016 Commencement
    2. Graduate Research Grant Deadline
    3. Fall 2015 Commencement Count
    4. Graduate Fair
    5. Preparation for HLC Visit (Stone)
  3. Information Only Items
    1. Curricular Action: Prerequisite Change from the Department of Curriculum and Instruction: CIGENRL/ESL 550
  4. Business Items
    1. Curricular Action: Change in degree from the Department of Counselor Education: Delete Higher Education emphasis

c: Chancellor Kopper, Interim Provost Stone, Associate Vice Chancellor Cook, Deans, Department Chairs, Program Coordinators, Marketing and Media Relations