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College of Letters & Sciences

Degree Programs:

Education Specialist (Ed.S.)

Public Administration (M.P.A)

School Psychology (M.S.E.)


Biological Sciences Courses (BIOLOGY)
Chemistry Courses (CHEM)
General Division Courses (LSINDP)
Geography and Geology Courses (GEOGRPY)(GEOLGY)
History Courses (HISTRY)
Languages and Literatures Courses (ENGLISH) (FRENCH) (GERMAN) (SPANISH) (ESL)
Mathematics and Computer Science Courses (MATH) (COMPSCI)
Philosophy and Religious Studies Courses (PHILSPHY) (RELIGST)
Physics and Astronomy Courses (PHYSCS) (ASTRONMY)
Political Science Courses (POLISCI)
Psychology Courses (PSYCH)
Race and Ethnic Cultures Courses (RACEETH) (AFRIAMR)(AMERIND)(CHICANO)
Social Work Courses (SOCWORK)
Sociology Courses (SOCIOLGY)
Women's Studies and Anthropology Courses (WOMENST) (ANTHROPL)