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University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
Campus Administration

Office of the Chancellor

Chancellor - Martha D. Saunders
Legislative Liaison - Karen Kachel
Director of Athletics - Paul M. Plinske

Academic Affairs

Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs - Richard J. Telfer
Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs - Barbara S. Monfils
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Academic Support Services - Roger L. Pulliam
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Technology and Information Resources - Elena Pokot
Dean of College of Arts and Communication - John H. Heyer
Dean of College of Business and Economics - Christine L. Clements
Dean of College of Education - Jeffrey C. Barnett
Dean of College of Letters and Sciences - Howard L. Ross
Dean of Graduate Studies, Continuing Education, and Summer Session - John F. Stone (Interim)
Director of Admissions - Stephen McKellips
Registrar - Daniel J. Edlebeck
Director of Institutional Research - Chunju Chen
Director of Irvin L. Young Auditorium - Ken Kohberger
Director of International Education and Programs - Harlan Smith
Director of Testing - Bruce Bukowski
Director of University Honors Program - Roxanne DePaul

Student Affairs

Assistant Chancellor for Student Affairs - Barbara C. Jones
Dean of Student Life - Tisa A. Mason
Assistant Dean of Student Life and University Student Conduct Officer - Mary Beth Mackin
Assistant Dean of Student Life for New Student Programs and First Year Experience - Linda L. Long
AOD Grants Coordinator - Amy Margulies
Director of Career Services - Ron Buchholz
Director of Adult Resource Center - Sonya Gladney
Director of Women's Center - Lauren Smith
Director of Children's Center - Cigdem Unal
Deputy Assistant Chancellor for Student Affairs - Stephen H. Summers
Director of Bookstore and Textbook Rental - Terri Meinel
Director of Center for Students with Disabilities - Vacant
Director of Financial Aid - Carol A. Miller
Executive Director of Residence Life and Division Technnology - Jeff C. Janz
Assistant Director of ID/Hawk Card Office and Auxiliary Ser vices - David J. Halbach
Director of Recreation Sports/Facilities - Jonathan Koltz
Director of Stadium Operations - Robert J. Berezowitz
Executive Director of James R. Connor University Center and Activities - Patricia K. Freer
Assistant Director of University Dining Services - Tom Hinspater
Executive Director of University Health and Counseling Services - John Macek
Coordinator of Student/Employee Assistance - Amy Margulies
Coordinator of Sexual Assault Prevention Education - Marilyn J. Kile

Administrative Affairs

Vice Chancellor for Administrative Affairs - James W. Freer
Associate Vice Chancellor for Budget and Finance - Randy D. Marnocha
Budget Planner - Michael C. Cohen
Director Financial Services and Controller - Vonnie L. Buske
Director of Police and Security Services - John M. Reid
Director of Visitor and Parking Services - Robert Brecklin
Director of Environmental Health, Risk Management, Safety, and Loss Control - Ernest Stracener
Director of Financial Services Services - Allan P. Haberman
Director of Facilities Planning and Management - Gregory Swanson
Director of Internal Audit - Indra Mohabir Engstrand
Diversity and Equal Opportunity Compliance Officer - Vacant
Director of Human Resource Services - Jeanne M. Freeman
Campus Planner - Pat Jankowski

University Advancement

Assistant Chancellor for University Advancement and President of UW-Whitewater Foundation - Jonathan C. Enslin
Foundation Accountant - Karen Bava
Manager of Research and Records - Ellen B. Miller
Director of Alumni Relations - Mark S. Dorn
Director of News and Public Affairs - Sara Kuhl
Assistant Director of News and Public Affairs - Melissa DiMotto
Director of Advancement for College of Education and Director of Planned Giving - Timothy Aggen
Director of Advancement for College of Letters and Sciences - Kate C. Loftus
Director of Advancement for College of Art and Communication - Megan Matthews
Director of Advancement for College of Business and Economics - Eric Leaf