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University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
Graduate Catalog

Graduate Policies, Procedures & University Information

Administration and Graduate Faculty

College of Arts & Communications Offerings

Communication Degree Program (M.S.)

Courses in:
Communication (JOURNLSM, SPEECH)
Music (MUSC)
Dance and Theatre (DANCE, THEATRE)

College of Business & Economics Offerings

Accounting Degree Program (M.P.A.)
Business Administration Degree Program (M.B.A.)
Business And Marketing Education Degree Program (M.S.)
School Business Management Degree Program (M.S.E.)
Certificate in Human Resource Management

Courses in:
Accounting (ACCOUNT)
Business Education (ITBE)
Economics (ECON),
Finance & Business Law (FNBSLW)
Management (MANGEMNT)
Computer Information Systems Courses (CIS)
Marketing (MARKETNG)
School Business Management (SCHBUSMG)

College of Education Offerings

Communicative Disorders Degree Program (M.S.)
Counseling Degree Program (M.S.)
Curriculum & Instruction Degree Program (M.S.)
Educational Leadership & Policy Analysis Degree Program (M.S.)
Reading Degree Program (M.S.E.)
Safety Degree Program (M.S.)
Special Education Degree Program (M.S.E.)
Certificate in the Transition Specialist Program
Certificate in Autism Specialist
Certificate in Occupational Ergonomics
Certificate in Construction Safety
Certificate in Professional Development Process
Certificate in Commnity Counseling
Certificate in Higher Education Counseling
Certificate in School Counseling

Courses in:
Communicative Disorders (COMDIS)
Counselor Education (COUNSED)
Curriculum & Instruction (CIGENRL,CIFLD)
Education: General (EDUINDP)
Educational Leadership & Policy Analysis (EDADMIN)
Educational Foundations & Library Media (EDFOUND, LIBMEDIA)
Health, Physical Education, Recreation, & Coaching (PEGNRL, PEPROF, HEALTHED, RECREATN, COACHING),
Reading (READING)
Safety (SAFETY)
Special Education (SPECED,SPECFLD)

College of Letters & Sciences Offerings

School Psychology Degree Program (M.S.E.)
Educational Specialist Degree (E.d.S)

Courses in:
Biological Sciences (BIOLOGY)
Chemistry (CHEM)
General Division (LSINDP)
Geography & Geology (GEOFRPY, GEOLGY)
History (HISTRY)
Languages & Literatures (ENGLISH, FRENCH, GERMAN, SPANISH, ESL)
Mathematics & Computer Science (MATH, COMPSCI)
Philosophy & Religious Studies (PHILSPHY, RELIGST)
Physics & Astronomy (PHYSCS, ASTRONOMY)
Political Science (POLISCI)
Psychology (PSYCH)
Social Work (SOCWORK)
Sociology (SOCIOLGY)
Women's Studies & Anthropology (WOMENST, ANTHROPL)