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Information Technology and Business Education Courses


ITBE 500

Introduction To Business And Marketing Education 3u

This course is designed to introduce potential business and marketing education teachers to the major and to the profession. Included are current topics on curriculum, certification issues affective business and marketing education, preparing credentials for employment, and the role of business and marketing education n a comprehensive school setting.

ITBE 601

Teaching Personal Finance 3 u

Students enrolled in this course will be prepared to teach personal finance. The course will cover personal finance/consumer education content and teaching methodology, including an analysis of published standards and the development of a financial literacy curriculum that could be used in teaching the subject at the secondary level.

ITBE 647

Information Systems For Business Teachers 3 u

This course is a study of the hardware and software used in business and business education classrooms with a focus on computer/technology literacy. Students will receive hands-on experience with a variety of hardware and software currently used in business education classrooms. Students will also investigate current trends and issues related to the use of technology in the K-12 curriculum.

Prereq: Business Education, Business & Marketing Education Comprehensive majors and MSBE Students.

ITBE 660

Principles of Career and Technical Education 2 u

History and development of vocational education both in the United States and Wisconsin are explored. The administrative structure of vocational education at the local, state, and national levels is outlined. Vocational program areas are discussed with emphasis given to issues, trends, and problems in vocational education. Requirement for vocational certification and fulfills one of the certification requirements of the Wisconsin Technical College System.

ITBE 661

Organization, Administration, and Coordination of Cooperative Education Programs 3 u

Study of career and technical education programs which utilize the internship/youth apprenticeship/cooperative method of instruction. Includes the knowledge and procedures necessary to implement the quality components of an occupational program. Successful coordination of a program using the cooperative method will be stressed. Meets the Department of Public Instruction’s course requirement for vocational certification.

Prereq: ITBE 460/660 or equivalent.

ITBE 690

Workshop 1-3 u

ITBE 691

ITBE 696

Special Studies 1-3 u

ITBE 701

Consumers In Contemporary Society 3 u

Study for managing personal resources; emphasis on goals, financial analysis, decision making related to acquiring goods, services, credit; protections through health, life, property and social insurances; enhancing financial position through savings alternatives, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, tax shelters; utilized microcomputer and compound interest tables in the decision process with the purpose of developing a personal finance curriculum for secondary offering.

ITBE 734

Management Information Systems 3 u

A graduate business course that examines how organizations use information technology and systems to achieve business objectives. Emphasis is placed on how managers use information systems for achieving operational excellence, developing new products and services, improving decision making, and achieving competitive advantage. The course covers management, organizational, and technology elements of information systems.

Prereq: Graduate students must be admitted to the M.B.A. or the M.S. or M.P.A. Accounting or the M.S. Business and Marketing Education or the M.S.E. School Business Management, or consent of instructor.

ITBE 740

Business And Professional Communication 2 u

This course is designed to introduce students to communication theories and leadership strategies that, if applied in business settings, can improve personal and organizational goal setting, planning and evaluation. In addition, emphasis will be placed on fostering positive day-to-day human interactions as well as the continuous growth of both individuals and organizations. Emphasis will be placed on the application of concepts explored in class to management roles in a variety of business enterprises. As a result, extensive analysis of actual business communication is a major part of this course.

ITBE 750

Improvement Of Instruction In 3 u

Business Education In-service business teachers will receive a review of teaching methodology. Special emphasis will be given to the technology available to aid them in improving teaching strategies at the middle, secondary, and post-secondary levels. Projects will be developed based upon the student’s specialty.

ITBE 762

Curriculum Issues And Design For Business And Marketing Education 3 u

A study of the issues currently confronting the supervisor, teacher, and students of business and marketing education on the middle, secondary and post-secondary levels. Includes a study of curriculum development and objectives of business and marketing education. Meets No. 50 curriculum requirements for WTCS certification.

Prereq: ITBE 500 or consent of instructor.

ITBE 765

Occupational Information And Vocational Guidance 3 u

Study of guidance and career selection procedures appropriate for career and technical educators working with students in grades K-14; includes occupational information, career exploration, the employment process, and career development.

ITBE 775

Business Telecommunications 3 u

The business analyses of the multifaceted regulatory issues, economic factors, management practices, and technological forces underpinning the telecommunications and information systems industry. The course is equally concerned with providing the student with the analytical tools and industry trends that will facilitate continued study and analyses of telecommunications after completion of the course.

Prereq: Graduate students must be admitted to the MBA or the MPA Accounting or the MS Business and Marketing Education or the MSE School Business Management or consent of instructor.

ITBE 790

Workshop 1-3 u

ITBE 791

Post-Secondary Education Internship 1 u

This course is designed to provide hands-on teaching experience in a post-secondary education environment. The experience will provide the student with an opportunity to gain experience and apply knowledge and skills learned in the classroom.

Prereq: EDFOUND 625 and either (ITBE 750 or ITBE 762)

ITBE 793

Occupational Experience 1-3 u

Designed to be undertaken by qualified business teachers and prospective teachers through participation in a coordinated work-study program in certain business offices or retail establishments. This course correlates classroom training and experience with business or marketing experience and standards.

Prereq: Advanced approval of instructor.

ITBE 794

Seminar 1-3 u

ITBE 796

Special Studies 1-6 u

ITBE 798

Individual Studies 1-3 u

ITBE 799

Thesis Research 1-3 u

Students must complete a Thesis Proposal Form in the Graduate Studies Office before registering for this course.