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Finance and Business Law Courses



Advanced Business And Commercial Law 3 u

The primary objective of this course is to introduce the business students to the various areas of law that are of particular interest to the accounting profession. Emphasis will be placed on the law of sales and contracts, commercial paper, business organizations, and debtor and creditor relations.

Prereq: FNBSLW 341 or FNBSLW 721.


Workshop 1-3 u



Special Studies 1-3 u


Financial Management 2 u

This course reviews the fundamental principles of financial management and considers finance functions as they relate to other organizational roles. Stock and bond valuation techniques, the process of capital budgeting, other quantitative methods, and model building in business decision making will be reviewed. At the end of the course, students will be able to identify the relevant information, utilize appropriate methodologies, and apply logic decision criteria when making decisions. Emphasis is placed on the importance of research throughout the course. Students will be exposed to different financial databases and be bale to obtain necessary information when making investment/management decisions.

Prereq: Graduate standing, FNBSLW 344, or ACCOUNT 701. Not open to those who have an undergraduate finance degree.


The Legal Environment Of Business 2 u

An introduction to the legal environment of business. Includes topics such as the legal systems, court procedure, business torts and crimes, contracts and related areas of the Uniform Commercial Code, government regulation of business, and the ethical and legal rights and duties of individuals and businesses in our society.


Financial Planning Process 3 u

This course explores the quantitative and qualitative aspects of the Personal Financial Planning process. It includes study of the following areas: determining financial objectives, formulating investment objectives, tax planning, insurance planning, retirement planning and estate planning.

Prereq: FNBSLW 344 or FNBSLW 718.


Real Estate Finance And Investment 3 u

Consideration of the institutional environment affecting the financing and ownership of real estate. Detailed evaluation of both the nature of and the risks associated with lender and investor yields from real estate investment.


Multinational Business Finance 3 u

An advanced course of international financial principles covering major macroeconomic factors affecting international corporate decisions, foreign exchange transactions, hedging strategies, international capital structure decisions, capital budgeting, international financial markets, and taxation.

Prereq: FNBSLW 344 or FNBSLW 718 or equivalent.


Financial Markets 3 u

Structure and operation of the markets for corporate debt and equity securities, municipal obligations, and mortgages. Detailed examination of stock markets and their use by investors.

Prereq: FNBSLW 344 and FNBSLW 345 or FNBSLW 718.


Capital Budgeting 3 u

Financial planning for working capital management and long range investment projects. Emphasis on capital budgeting problem solving. Readings on capital budgeting and related topics, cost of capital structure, and dividend policy.

Prereq: FNBSLW 344 or FNBSLW 718


Portfolio Theory And Practice 3 u

Formulation of objectives and the development of portfolios to meet these objectives for individuals and institutions. Special attention will be focused on statistical and analytical techniques for portfolio selection and management.

Prereq: FNBSLW 344 or FNBSLW 718 and MARKETNG 731 or consent of instructor.


Financial Modeling 3u

This course provides hands-on experience for students to access financial information and perform financial analysis. It covers formula building, referencing, integrated financials, scenario and sensitivity analysis, and data visualization techniques.

Prereq: FNBSLW 718 or equivalent


Workshop 1-6 u


Seminar 1-3 u


Individual Studies 1-3 u

A student may satisfy up to 3 credits of the 9 credit emphasis by pursuing this course with one or more members of the graduate faculty. A copy of the proposal must be on file in the chairman’s office prior to registration.


Thesis Research 1-6 u

Students must complete a Thesis Proposal Form in the Graduate Studies Office before registering for this course.

Prereq: Graduate standing and 28 credits in undergraduate and graduate economics courses. Some of these may be taken concurrently with approval of adviser.