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Reading Courses




Foundations of Reading 3 u

An overview of the elementary developmental reading program including the skills necessary for critical reading; development of appropriate attitudes and tastes, and adjustment of materials and methods to meet individual needs.


Clinical Diagnosis and Literacy Instruction (K-12) 5 u

This course is a comprehensive consideration of the types of reading and writing difficulties found in the context of a reading clinic. The course also focuses on the principles and techniques of diagnosing such difficulties, and the methods and materials useful to the reading teacher serving as a clinician in the remediation of reading and writing difficulties. In addition to providing experience in the use of formal assessment, a practicum component is integrated into the course.

Prereq: READING 764 and READING 772


Classroom Literacy Assesment and Intervention (K-12) 5 u

A course designed to provide experience in the use of informal assessment to plan, implement, evaluate and revise instruction to meet the needs and interests of the struggling reader in the K-12 classroom setting. Meeting the literacy needs of children from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds is emphasized. A practicum component is integrated into the course.

Prereq: READING 764 and READING 772


Developmental Reading In The Secondary School 3 u

An in-depth examination of the principles underlying the reading process as it relates to secondary school reading demands. This course will offer the opportunity to explore theories of reading, examine techniques and materials, and develop applications to middle, junior high, and high school situations.


Planning And Implementing Reading Programs 3 u

A study of the process and procedures which may be employed in planning and implementing defensible reading programs. Students are involved in planning individual programs appropriate for their school or system.

Prereq: READING 764, READING 772, READING 766 and READING 767.


Reading In The Content Areas 3 u

Utilization of reading skills, study strategies and materials as applied to the content fields, and techniques for incorporating reading into content area instruction.


Literacy Research: Theory and Application 3 u

The purpose of this course is to read and analyze pertinent research related to literacy instruction. Students will then apply knowledge gained from analyzing the research to identifying a literacy concept for their research, developing a review of literature, and preparing a proposal for their graduate capstone report.

Prereq: READING 764 (for reading emphasis) or ESL 520, ESL 603, and either READING 764 or READING 772 (for esl/bilingual emphasis).


Emergent Literacy 3 u

This course is designed to acquaint graduate students with children's reading and writing development from birth through age 8 and with educational approaches used to promote literacy development. The creation of literate environments at home and at school is emphasized.


Symposium In Reading Education 3 u

The keystone of the course is the annual University of Wisconsin Reading Symposium on Factors Related to Reading Performance. The purpose of the symposium is to inform educators of current thinking on factors that appear to influence students' reading performance. The course will include attendance at the symposium and at additional class sessions. This cours is repeartable for credit.