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Information Technology and Business Education Courses



Workshop 1-3 u


Travel Study 3 u


Special Studies 1-3 u


Consumers in Contemporary Society 3 u

Study for managing personal resources; emphasis on goals, financial analysis, decision making related to acquiring goods, services, credit; protections through health, life, property and social insurances; enhancing financial position through savings alternatives, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, tax shelters; utilized microcomputer and compound interest tables in the decision process.


Technology and Information Systems 2 u

A graduate business course that provides a fundamental understanding of technology and information systems in organizations. The course surveys a wide range of information topics covering management, organizational, and technology foundations of information systems. Emphasis is placed on how organizations plan, implement, and use information systems for operational and strategic excellence.

Prereq: Graduate student status or consent of instructor


Operations Management 2 u

A survey course focusing on the performance of managerial activities entailed in selecting, designing, operating, controlling, and updating productive systems. This life cycle approach will include treatment of non- manufacturing activities, and will draw heavily upon latest developments in the field.

Prerequisite: ECON 703


Management Information Systems 3 u

A graduate business course that examines how organizations use information technology and systems to achieve business objectives. Emphasis is placed on how managers use information systems for achieving operational excellence, developing new products and services, improving decision making, and achieving competitive advantage. The course covers management, organizational, and technology elements of information systems.

Prerequisite: Graduate students must be admitted to the M.B.A. or the M.S. or M.P.A. Accounting or the M.S. Business and Marketing Education or the M.S.E. School Business Management, or consent of instructor.


Business and Professional Communication 2 u

This course is designed to introduce students to communication theories and leadership strategies that, if applied in business settings, can improve personal and organizational goal setting, planning and evaluation. In addition, emphasis will be placed on fostering positive day-to-day human interactions as well as the continuous growth of both individuals and organizations. Emphasis will be placed on the application of concepts explored in class to management roles in a variety of business enterprises. As a result, extensive analysis of actual business communication is a major part of this course.


Strategic Technology and Innovation Management 2 u

A graduate business course covering technology led strategic innovation designed to provide an understanding of the dynamic links between technology and innovation strategy. Students will acquire essential managerial and critical thinking skills to develop competitive technology enhanced business strategies and models.

Prereq: Graduate student status or consent of instructor


Topics in Information Technology and Management 3 u

This course addresses a changing milieu of topics concerning information systems business. Topics may include new methodologies and products that implement them, new problem solving approaches, or emerging business and environmental concerns.

Prereq: Graduate Student Status or Consent of Instructor


Supply Chain Systems 3 u

The course uses a supply chain management framework to study flow of material. Topics include capacity planning, production systems, production planning, material planning, sourcing, and delivery of products. In addition, the role of information systems in integrating operations throughout the supply chain is discussed. The course uses case studies and research papers.

Prerequisite: MANGEMNT 719 or MANAGEMENT 306 or ITSCM 719 or ITSCM 306


Global Operations Management 3 u

The objective of this course is to enhance the student’s ability to conceptualize and manage global operations effectively. A wide range of topics, concepts, theories, and tools related to the operations of both manufacturing and service firms are explored from an international perspective. In addition, the comparative position of U.S. production systems is evaluated with those of Japan, Europe, Latin America, and South East Asia. The focus is on covering those aspects of operations management that can help firms become more competitive globally. The aim of the course is to provide the managers with an understanding of the production of goods and services in an international environment through a review and critique of current literature.

Corequisite: MANGEMNT 719 or ITSCM 719


Topics in Project Management 3 u

This course addresses emerging or context specific project management concepts, techniques, and technologies. Topics may include new methodologies and technologies that implement them, or project management in a specific industry or work context.

Prereq: Graduate student status or consent of instructor


Operations Strategy 3 u

A course focusing on strategic implications of operations decisions facing the top manager, such as the operations vice-president or plant manager. Cases are used to identify, analyze and recommend solutions to specific problems resulting from corporate decisions taken in the areas of processes and infrastructure. Current trends in selected industries are discussed.

Prerequisite: MANGEMNT 719 or ITSCM 719


Quality Issues in Operations 3 u

A course focusing on qualitative and quantitative techniques used to study and improve quality of operations in manufacturing and service organizations. It covers topics such as quality philosophy, statistical process control (SPC), acceptance sampling, tools for quality improvement, product and process design. The role of quality in the entire cycle including product/service design, development, production, delivery, and customers support is emphasized. An individual research paper covering the topic of interest will be used.

Prerequisite: MANGEMNT 719 or MANGEMENT 306 or ITSCM 719 or ITSCM 306 or equivalent


Fundamentals of Project Management 2 u

This course develops a basic understanding of a project management methodology through lectures, case analyses, problem solving and discussions. Topics covered include planning, budgeting, scheduling, resource allocation and controlling of projects. The course provides a good background for students interested in pursuing certification in the area of project management.


Information Technology Service Management 3 u

The course is designed to introduce information technology service management in a variety of enterprise and service industry settings. Concepts of IT service management based on contemporary best practices such as ITIL are covered. The course will cover the management of service systems, IT service system design, operations, and management.

Prereq: Graduate student status or consent of instructor


Data Analytics and Business Intelligence 3 u

A graduate course covering the use information technology to assist decision making in today’s business environment. This course provides an overview of decision making theory, data warehousing, data mining, business intelligence and analytics. The course also surveys contemporary framework, tools, and techniques for BI and data analytics.

Prereq: Graduate student status or consent of instructor


Business Telecommunications 3 u

The business analyses of the multifaceted regulatory issues, economic factors, management practices, and technological forces underpinning the telecommunications and information systems industry. The course is equally concerned with providing the student with the analytical tools and industry trends that will facilitate continued study and analyses of telecommunications after completion of the course.

Prerequisite: Graduate students must be admitted to the MBA or the MPA Accounting or the MS Business and Marketing Education or the MSE School Business Management or consent of instructor.


Business Process Innovation and Management 3 u

The course provides an overview of concepts, methods and tools surrounding the definition, implementation, measurement and improvement of processes in organizations. Strategic and tactical phases of the Business Process Management lifecycle, consisting goal setting, process design, process implementation, process enactment and measurement, and process evaluation are covered.

Prereq: Graduate student status or consent of instructor


Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity 3 u

The course covers Business Continuity Planning, a methodology used to create and validate a plan for maintaining continuous business operations before, during, and after disasters or disruptive events. It also covers Disaster Recovery, which is aimed at stopping the effects of disasters as quickly as possible, and addressing the immediate aftermath.

Prereq: Graduate student status or consent of instructor


Global Project Management 3 u

This course prepares students for global project management, effective teamwork and collaboration from theoretical and practical viewpoints. Students are prepared to understand key issues in systems lifecycle planning, managing and coordinating distributed project teams, organizing work products, implementing process and quality metrics, maintaining effective control and coordination, and risk management.

Prereq: MCS 785 or MGMT 762


Applied Project Management 3 u

This course utilizes a formal project management process to convey the key competencies that project managers must develop. Students will apply project management tools and techniques to execute a full project from initiation through closure for a community partner. Topics covered in the course include project management and organization; planning; budgeting; scheduling; resource management; project control; project termination; project management tools; and project completion hours. Emphasis is on hands-on application and practice with project management software tools.


Workshop 1-3 u


Occupational Experience 1-3 u

Designed to be undertaken by qualified business teachers and prospective teachers through participation in a coordinated work-study program in certain business offices or retail establishments. This course correlates classroom training and experience with business or marketing experience and standards.

Prerequisite: Advanced approval of instructor.


Seminar 1-3 u


Special Studies 1-6 u


Individual Studies 1-3 u


Thesis Research 1-3 u

Students must complete a Thesis Proposal Form in the Graduate Studies Office before registering for this course.