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Applied Behavior Analysis Courses


The expectations for graduate level Special Education enrollment is consistent with UW-Whitewater’s guidelines and requires additional research, projects and a leadership role. In addition, enrollment in Special Education courses requires admission to professional education with the exception of SPECED 700 level courses.


Advanced Behavior Intervention Strategies 3 u

The purpose of this course is to provide special educators with the knowledge and skills to intervene with children with intense patterns of behavior that prevent the student from accessing the general education classroom. Techniques for conducting functional behavior assessments and designing behavior intervention plans will be provided. In addition, legal aspects regarding behavior intervention will be provided.

Prerequisite: Admission to Professional Education.


Advanced Methodology and Practices in Special Education 3 u

This course provides the post-baccalaureate student with the knowledge and skills to understand, interpret, and apply single-case design methods within the large context of research design in education. Students will learn how to evaluate single-case design research studies in order to understand current research related to behavioral intervention. In addition, students will learn how to conduct single-case design research in order to evaluate their own intervention programs.


Methods for Teaching Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders 3 u

This course provides students with methods of instructing children with autism spectrum disorders. The focus will be on developing functional skills based upon individual children’s needs. Methods of instruction will include applied behavior analysis, sensory integration, TEACCH, and functional and ecological assessment procedures.

Prerequisite: SPECED 707 or consent of instructor.


Advanced Principles of Applied Behavior Analysis 3 u

The purpose of this course is to provide students with specialized training in applied behavior analysis. This course will provide in-depth training in advanced concepts related to changing behavior, maintaining behavior change, teaching skills and making data-based intervention decisions. In addition, this course will discuss the ethical issues related to behavior change.

Prereq: SPECED 640


Advanced Applications in Applied Behavior Analysis 3 u

The purpose of this course is to integrate and apply knowledge and skills from all courses in the certificate program. Students will learn how to create ABA-based programs to teach adaptive behavior, self-help, communication and social skills targeting individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders, Developmental Disabilities or Emotional/Behavioral Disorders. Students will apply concepts from previous courses to create environments that promote learning and minimize challenging behavior in which to implement their ABA-based programs.

Prereq: SPECED 640; SPECED 701; SPECED 7XX