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Graduate Business Foundations Certification Courses


Accounting Foundations 2 u

This course introduces students to the principles of financial accounting, including the basic accounting cycle (i.e., double-entry accounting), financial statments (i.e., income statement, statement of financial position, and statement of cash flows), and specific discussions of cash, trade receivables, merchandise inventories, plant assests, current and long-term liabilities, and stockholders’ equity. Fundamental ratio and statement analysis techniques are also integrated throughout the course.

ECON 703

Statistics Foundations 2 u

Introduction to descriptive statistics and basic statistical methods as applied to scientific problem solving and decision making. Topics covered include: descriptive statistics, elementary probability theory, theoretical distributions, inferences about a single population (sampling distributions, estimation, tests of hypothesis), and regression analysis.

ECON 704

Economic Foundations 2 u

A study of micro and macro economic tools of analysis. The functioning of a market economy in product and factor markets under alternative market structures. National income, fiscal policy, and the role of the money supply.


Technology and Information Systems 2 u

A graduate business course that provides a fundamental understanding of technology and information systems in organizations. The course surveys a wide range of information topics covering management, organizational, and technology foundations of information systems. Emphasis is placed on how organizations plan, implement, and use information systems for operational and strategic excellence.

Prereq: Graduate student status or consent of instructor


Financial Management 2 u

Consideration of the finance function as it relates to other organizational roles, the use of capital budgeting techniques, other quantitative methods, and model building in decision making. Not open to students with an undergraduate finance degree.

Prerequisite: Graduate Standing and ACCOUNT 701


Operations Management 2 u

A survey course focusing on the performance of managerial activities entailed in selecting, designing, operating, controlling, and updating productive systems. This life cycle approach will include treatment of non- manufacturing activities, and will draw heavily upon latest developments in the field.

Prerequisite: ECON 703


Marketing 2 u

Analysis of the institutional, behavioral, competitive, legal, and intra-firm aspects of the marketing function in business and other organizations.