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Teaching in Alternative Education Settings Courses



Representing Learning 2 u

An investigation of the methods of representing through formalizing of meaning through imaging. Special consideration will be given to applicants for alternative education programs.


Learning & Diversity 2 u

A critical view of social and intellectual development. Special consideration will be given to culturally and economically diverse populations within common educational settings.


Formal & Informal Learning Environments 1-3 u

An examination of a variety of structures within which learning occurs. The classroom will be considered both context and content for learning and the construction of meaning. Through an analysis of classroom environments participants will synthesize potentials for change in their concept of teaching and learning.


The Marginalized Learner 2 u

This course will act to sensitize students to the characteristics of the marginal student and the forces that cause that marginalization. Students will evaluate the effects of their choices and actions on others (students, parents, other professionals, and the community).


Learning & Teaching for Empowerment 2 u

An investigation of educational practice and its application to critical theory. Democracy, community, collaboration, and empowerment relative to the alternative education programs will be considered.