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Graduate Catalog 1997-1999

We have a new Graduate Catalog for 2000-2002

College of Arts & Communications Offerings

Communication Degree Program (M.S.)

Music Education Degree Program (M.M.E.)

Courses in:


Communication (JOURNLSM, SPEECH)

Music (MUSC)

Dance and Theatre (DANCE, THEATRE)

College of Business & Economics Offerings

Accounting Degree Program (M.P.A.)

Business Administration Degree Program (M.B.A.)

Business Education Degree Program (M.S.)

Management Computer Systems Degree Program (M.S.)

School Business Management Degree Program (M.S.E.)

Courses in:

Accounting (ACCOUNT)

Business Education (ITBE)

Economics (ECON),

Finance & Business Law (FNBSLW)

Management (MANGEMNT)

Management Computer Systems (MCS)

Marketing (MARKETNG)

School Business Management (SCHBUSMG)

College of Education Offerings

Communicative Disorders Degree Program (M.S.)

Curriculum & Instruction Degree Program (M.S.)

Educational Administration Degree Program (M.S.)

Counseling Degree Program (M.S.)

Reading Degree Program (M.S.E.)

Safety Degree Program (M.S.)

Special Education Degree Program (M.S.E.)

Courses in:

Communicative Disorders (COMDIS)

Counselor Education (COUNSED)

Curriculum & Instruction (CIGENRL,CIFLD)

Education: General (EDUINDP)

Educational Administration (EDADMIN)

Educational Foundations & Library Media (EDFOUND, LIBMEDIA)

Health, Physical Education, Recreation, & Coaching (PEGNRL, PEPROF, HEALTHED, RECREATN, COACHING),

Reading (READING)

Safety Studies (SAFETY)

Special Education (SPECED,SPECFLD)

College of Letters & Sciences Offerings

Public Administration Degree Program (M.P.A.)

School Psychology Degree Program (M.S.E.)

Courses in:

Biological Sciences (BIOLOGY)

Chemistry (CHEM)

General Division (LSINDP)

Geography (GEOFRPY)

Geology (GEOLGY)

History (HISTRY)

Languages & Literatures (ENGLISH, FRENCH, GERMAN, SPANISH, ESL)

Mathematics & Computer Science (MATH, COMPSCI)

Philosophy & Religious Studies (PHILSPHY, RELIGST)

Physics & Astronomy (PHYSCS, ASTRONOMY)

Political Science (POLISCI)

Psychology (PSYCH)


Social Work (SOCWORK)

Sociology (SOCIOLGY)

Women's Studies & Anthropology (WOMENST, ANTHROPL)

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