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Curriculum & Instruction (CIGENRL,CIFLD)

CIGENRL-510 (ESL-510) Survey of Educational Linguistics 3 cr

In Survey of Educational Linguistics, students will examine certain core areas of linguistics (phonology, morphology and syntax), with special attention to language acquisition. Course assignments will relate to the teaching of linguistically diverse communities.

Prereq: ENGLISH-101 and ENGLISH-102 or consent of the instructor.

CIGENRL -520 (ESL-520) The Spoken Language and Discourse Analysis 3 cr

In The Spoken Language & Discourse Analysis, students will develop working knowledge of contemporary issues in the teaching of oral communication (speaking and listening skills) to learners of ESL. Linguistic principles studied are also pertinent for those teaching foreign languages.

CIGENRL-530 (ESL-530) Teaching Grammar in the ESL/BE Classroom 3 cr

Teaching Grammar in the ESL/BE Classroom is a component of the licensure minor in Teaching ESL/Bilingual-Bicultural Education. This course prepares teachers to instruct non-native learners in English grammar. Students examine selected grammatical topics to better comprehend the structure of English and to develop a repertoire of techniques for teaching them.

Prereq: ENGLISH-101,ENGLISH-102, Admission to the College of Education, or consent of instructor

CIGENRL -550 (ESL-550) (SECNDED-550) Introduction To ESL and Bilingual-Bicultural Education 3 cr

History, philosophy and rationale for bilingual/ bicultural education. A study of different models of bilingual education programs as well as different types of bilinguals. Cultural, socioeconomic and psychological factors influencing learning in the bilingual child.

Unreq: SECNDED-550.

CIGENRL-554 (ESL-554) Seminar in ESL/Bilingual Education 1 cr

In the Seminar in ESL and Bilingual Education, students meet to reflect upon the relationship between program content and contemporary issues in the educational and socio-political experiences of linguistically diverse communities in the region and state. Rotating themes include family, community and cultural change.

Prereq: ENGLISH-101, ENGLISH-102 or consent of instructor

CIGENRL-603 (ESL-603) ESL Methods and Curriculum 3 cr

ESL Curricula and Materials will provide students with the background to develop or select appropriate curricula and to design materials which enhance language learning. The approach to curricular design and materials development is one that is learner centered.

CIGENRL-605 (ESL-605) Assessment in the ESL/Bilingual Classroom 3 cr

This course explores policies, procedures, and instruments used to assess English language proficiency and academic achievement of limited English proficient students in American public schools. Included in this are the areas of English and native language competence; program placement, progress, and exit; alternative assessments in ESL. Bilingual and mainstream classrooms.

Prereq: Admission to the College of Education or consent of instructor.

CIGENRL -606 Art for the Exceptional Child 3 cr

An undergraduate/Graduate Level course in Art Education for teachers of exceptional children and adolescents. The course will provide a background for curriculum development in art for children and adolescents with specific physical, mental, learning and emotional needs.

CIGENRL-635 (SECNDED-635) Language Acquisition For The Bilingual Child 3 cr

An examination of the process involved in the acquisition of a first and second language and the implications this has for the curriculum and language instruction in the bilingual school. Special emphasis on stages of language development; the role of adult models, teachers, and environment in language learning; social classes and differences in language development; dialect differences and language development; etc.

Unreq: SECNDED-435/635.

CIGENRL -655 (ESL-655) (SECNDED-655) Teaching Content in the Bilingual Classroom 3 cr

This course is an examination of various techniques and materials being used to teach content area subject matter in ESL/bilingual education programs. Other topics of discussion include language assessment and adaptation of materials to the learner's language proficiency and cultural experience. The course is taught in English, but discussion will take place in other languages so that students have the opportunity to expand and improve their command of the language used as a medium of instruction.

Unreq: SECNDED-455/655.

CIGENRL-675 (PEGNRL-675) (SPECED 675) Licensure Portfolio Review .5 cr

A course to assist students removes deficiencies in their portfolio in order to make the portfolio acceptable for student continuation in teacher education programs.

CIGENRL-676 Current Topics In Instructional Computing 3 cr

A topic or topics not otherwise accounted for in other computer education courses will be chosen as the focus of each course. For instance, the use of multimedia in the schools could be one suggested topic. Each topic would be explored in a variety of ways: 1) what does the current research say about the topic?, 2) what potential impact can this technology have in the schools?, 3) are there special hardware, software, personnel, or other require-ments necessary for successful implementation of this topic in the schools?, 4) what potential does this topic have for integration into the curriculum?, 5) whenever possible, a hands-on experience with the topic will be part of the overall experience. This would be possible if the topic involved a particular computer application.

CIGENRL-677 Telecommunications For Educators 3 cr

In this course, participants will have the opportunity to explore ways in which telecommunications can be used to enhance classroom instruction. A number of online information sources for education will be explored including the Internet, Consortium for School Networking (CoSn), Learning Link, School Net (SCHLnet), FrMail, Prodigy, Scholastic Online, Delphi, American Online, and other specialized services. An overview of ways that telecommunications can be used in various curricular areas such as Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Music, Art, Foreign Language, etc. will be presented. A large portion of the course will be done online with participants completing assignments and exchanging information using email. Class members will do a telecommunications project of their choice as a culminating activity. It should be noted that this course will look at only one aspect of telecommunications-those activities which use computers and modems.

Prereq: Class members should have previous experience with computers and CIGENRL-752 or consent of instructor.

CIGENRL-689 (SPECED-689) Employment Strategies 1 cr

Designed to acquaint the teacher education student with the problems and procedures of securing a teaching position. Includes consideration of professional ethics, preparation of placement credentials, teacher certification practices, interviewing techniques and teaching contracts. Reviews opportunities for professional advancement through graduate study. (Open to teacher education students. Should be taken the semester prior to graduation or the semester of graduation.)

Unreq: SPECED-489/689.

CIGENRL-702 (SPECED-702) Reflective Practice And Action Research 3 cr

The course assists teachers in planning, organizing, implementing, and assessing inquiry-related strategies appropriate for their classrooms. Participants will investigate current issues by way of Action Research, ethnographic, symbolic interaction, and qualitative inquiry techniques. Projects will be conducted that relate to individual classroom needs and situations.

Prereq: Graduate standing.

CIGENRL-710 Seminar: Current Topics In Curriculum And Instruction 3 cr

An in-depth examination of a single current topic of interest to teachers in grades 6-12. Topics will vary from semester to semester, and may include, for example, national curriculum standards for school subjects, writing across the curriculum, cooperative learning in a specific subject, the school-to-work transition, or instruction on specific themes such as the environment or communication. Repeatable for credit.

CIGENRL-716 Integrating Software & Technology Into The Reading And Early Childhood Curriculum 3 cr

This course introduces teachers to the evaluation of software, and to the integration of software into the reading and early childhood curriculum.

CIGENRL-720 Advanced Techniques In The Teaching Of Language Arts And English 3 cr

Survey and critical appraisal of research programs, problems, practices and trends in the study and teaching of the language arts, media, composition and the application of linguistic knowledge.

CIGENRL-721 (ARTSTDIO-721) Trends In Art Education 3 cr

A course designed to acquaint the teacher with recent trends, issues, and practices in the teaching of art. The sources of contemporary knowledge about the function and structure of art education will be considered as well as recent theoretical and research studies in art and art education. Opportunity for a specific level or teaching situation.

CIGENRL-723 (EDFOUND-723) Seminar: Issues And Perspectives In American Education 3 cr

This course is designed to help students identify, comprehend and develop strategies to resolve current critical issues and problems in American Education. This course is appropriate for students seeking an introduction to graduate study in education as well as for anyone interested in a survey of current educational issues with an in-depth exploration of selected issues.

Unreq: EDFOUND-723.

CIGENRL-725 (EDADMIN-725) Curriculum Development And Integration 3 cr

This course focuses primarily on the processes of curriculum development. The students will be involved in curriculum design activities which will require consideration of the socio-political and philosophical forces as well as consideration of learning and developmental theory.

CIGENRL-735 Managing And Implementing Instructional Computing Programs 3 cr

This course is designed for individuals in leadership roles in computing programs in their school districts. The course will provide information for school district computer coordinators, resource teachers, administrators, and others about technology-related instructional needs. Since information gathering and evaluation is the main focus of the course rather than skill building, a lecture/demonstration format will be used.

CIGENRL-745 The Middle School 3 cr

Through the use of lecture, large and small group discussions, and research, students will achieve greater mastery in the following general areas:

1. The rationale of the middle school

2. The middle school child

3. The curriculum of the middle school

4. The instructional strategies of the middle school

Unreq: EDFOUND-745.

CIGENRL-752 Microcomputer Applications In The Classroom 3 cr

This course is designed for teachers who have little or no knowledge about microcomputers and are interested in learning about microcomputers and their use in schools. This introduction to microcomputer applications in education will include teaching about computers, teaching with microcomputers, managing instruction with microcomputers, developing instructional materials using computers, and evaluating software designed to be used in schools. This course does not satisfy any of the requirements for K-12 certification on computer science.

CIGENRL-754 Educational Software Implementation K-12 3 cr

This course will focus on the use of the computer as an instructional tool. The course will examine the nature and evolution of computer assisted/enhanced instruction, the major type of instructional packages, their primary characteristics, their potential strengths and weaknesses, and research related to the effectiveness of computers in the instructional program. Students will complete a unit plan using computer enhanced instructional techniques. Students should have previous hands on experience with microcomputers.

CIGENRL-755 Curriculum Concerns In Art Education 3 cr

A course designed to develop the student's ability to make art curricular judgments through the planning, designing, and ordering of art learning experiences.

CIGENRL-761 Advanced Techniques In The Teaching Of Mathematics 2-3 cr

Consideration of the current trends in method and curriculum in (elementary) school mathematics; the scope, sequence and content of the modern mathematics program with special emphasis on modern innovations in mathatical content and method; and the relationship of methods, curriculum and evaluation to child development.

CIGENRL-763 Advanced Techniques In The Teaching Of Social Studies 2-3 cr

A comprehensive consideration of the K-12 social studies curriculum, its traditions, underlying assumptions, and approaches to curriculum improvement; special emphasis placed on effective teaching techniques designed to facilitate the learning of social studies content and skills.

CIGENRL-765 Advanced Techniques In The Teaching Of Science 2-3 cr

Consideration of the present courses of study in science; basic principles of science appropriate to grade level; techniques of teaching the science principles; materials used in the teaching of science, and the techniques of evaluation in science.

CIGENRL-769 (EDADMIN-769) Supervision Of Instruction 3 cr

Analysis of basic concepts of supervision and competencies essential to effective supervisory performance. Extended examination of current and emerging supervisory practices found in local school districts. Supervision as a process is considered in a variety of roles and positions of leadership.

CIGENRL-770 Supervision Of Student Teachers 2-3 cr

Basic course in supervision of student teachers, open to UW-W cooperating teachers, explores the respective roles and responsibilities of all student teaching personnel, nature of student teaching programs, procedures followed in the selection of cooperating teachers and assignment of student teachers. Attention is also given to the recognition of skills and activities fundamental to the development of effective teachers.

Prereq: Previous arrangements with instructor and admission to the Graduate School.

CIGENRL-771 Principles Of Mentoring 3 cr

Mentoring, a recently developed concept related to Teacher Induction and staff development, emphasizes the historical development, roles of mentors, mentoring skills and processes, as well as evaluation of the mentor/protege relationship. This course is designed to provide training to present and potential staff who are interested in becoming mentors.

CIGENRL-772 (SCHBUSMG-772) Legal Aspects Of Education 3 cr

Seeks to present in nontechnical language to educational practitioners legal information on all facets of school operation, including the liability of school districts and school employees, school fund and indebtedness administration; the admission, attendance and instruction of pupils; retirement benefits; and the employment contract and professional negotiations.

CIGENRL-776 (EDADMIN-776) The School Principalship 3 cr

Study of the application of theories to the administrative behavior problems of leadership in an elementary school. The course content will present research concerning the operation and management of an elementary school. It is designed for students who will have a leadership function or role in their school duties, such as team leader, supervisor, coordinator, or elementary principal.

CIGENRL-780 (EDADMIN-780) Organizational Theory and Administrative Behavior in Education 3 cr

Theoretical constructs and empirical research relating to administering organizations in education will be presented. The course will emphasize administrative behavior with special attention to planning and organizational improvement.

CIGENRL-799 Thesis Research 1-6 cr

Students must complete a Thesis Proposal Form in the Graduate Studies Office before registering for this course.

CIGENRL-690 Workshop 1-6 cr
CIGENRL-694 Seminar 1-3 cr
CIGENRL-696 Special Studies 1-3 cr
CIGENRL-790 Workshop 1-6 cr
CIGENRL-793 (EDADMIN -793) Practicum 1-6 cr
CIGENRL-794 Seminar 1-3 cr
CIGENRL-798 Individual Studies 1-3 cr
CIGENRL-799 Thesis Research 1-6 cr

Students must complete a Thesis Proposal Form in the Graduate Studies Office before registering for this course.

CIFLD-712 Residency In Teaching 3-12 cr

A comprehensive residency in teaching in an accredited local educational agency participating in the Teacher Residency Program. The resident teacher is under contract for a full school year for less than a full teaching load, is salaried, and works under the guidance of an assigned team of professional and seminars.

Prereq: Successful completion of certification. Admittance to the Residency Program and Graduate School. Limited to first year teachers. Repeatable.

CIFLD-774 Field Experience In Reading Programs 1 cr

Observation and directed practice in the area of reading. Students are placed in an approved station or stations for a semester.

Prereq: CIFLD-793.

CIFLD-793 Practicum (Elementary) (Secondary) 1-6 cr

Prereq: Graduate status, application and interview, completion of 9 credits at UW-Whitewater, and designated curriculum check sheet requirements (Not to be used for first-time certification.)