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Counselor Education (COUNSED)


Workshop 1-3 cr


Special Studies 1-3 cr


Principles Of Counseling 3 cr

Principles of relationship building, conducting interviews and the counseling process are discussed and practiced in a laboratory setting. Professional issues as they relate to ethics, legal considerations, minority concerns, and the value of professional organizations are explored. Role-playing and videotaping are used to provide feedback and experience.

Prereq: Admission to the Counselor Education program or consent of instructor.


Appraisal Procedures In Counseling 3 cr

Methods of appraising individual differences will be considered. Emphasis will be placed on the utilization of measurement procedures in the counseling setting. Discussions and laboratory experiences will center on the use and interpretation of standardized and non standardized measures of appraisal with individuals and groups.

Prereq: COUNSED-718 or consent of instructor; concurrent enrollment permitted.


Career Development And Information Services 3 cr

The course focuses upon the major theories of career development and sources of occupational and educational information. The course will also cover other areas such as developmental career guidance, career-development exploration techniques, approaches to career decision-making processes, the relationship between career choice, leisure life-style and other factors including multicultural and gender issues. Students will be given opportunities to explore and become involved with career information and theories of career development.

Prereq: COUNSED-718 or consent of instructor; concurrent enrollment permitted.


Group Procedures In Counseling 3 cr

A discussion and laboratory course designed to assist students to learn concepts and skills related to working with small growth groups. Group development and group dynamics are investigated through didactic assignments and participation in laboratory group. Consideration is given to the application of group procedures in specific counseling settings.

Prereq: COUNSED-718, and COUNSED-722 or concurrently.


Theories Of Counseling 3 cr

Exploration of the prominent theories of counseling. Each participant will develop an understanding of the relationships among philosophy, theory, and practice. The course will examine psychoanalytic, humanist/ existential, behavioral, cognitive-behavioral, and family systems; approaches, trends and issues in theory and application. Each participant will begin to identify the theoretical approaches which will serve as a guideline for their practice of counseling or have the opportunity to explore in-depth one particular theory.

Prereq: COUNSED-718 or consent of instructor.


Career Counseling of Adolescent and Adult 3 cr

Principles of counseling with adolescents and adults in employment, vocational education and rehabilitation agencies or institutions are considered. Emphasis is placed on current trends, organizational patterns of programs and the personal concerns of clients in these settings. Special attention is given to the procedures for counseling diverse populations.

Prereq: COUNSED-718 or consent of instructor.


Program Development, Research And Evaluation For School Counselors 3 cr

The course focuses upon program development, implementation, and management competencies for the school counselor or guidance director. It involves development of program planning skills-formulating objectives and goals, needs assessment, and rationale. Evaluation and research competencies for school counselors will be emphasized.

Prereq: COUNSED-738.


Clinical Studies In Counseling 3 cr

Principles and methods concerning study of the individual in terms of human development, learning and adjustment as these relate to counseling functions. Exploration of mental health concerns common to health care agencies. Emphasis will be on critical analysis of the literature and procedures in conducting case studies.

Prereq: COUNSED-718 or consent of instructor.


Student Services In Higher Education 3 cr

An introductory course designed to familiarize students with basic student services, historical philosophical foundations and theories of student development. In addition some attention will be given to campus ecology and special needs of certain student subgroups.

Prereq: COUNSED-718 or consent of instructor.


Introduction To Marriage And Family Counseling 3 cr

An introductory course which provides counselors with information and skills relevant to conducting marital and family counseling services. Emphasis will be placed on the dynamics of family interaction, and the initial skills in assessment and treatment of dysfunctional marital and family relationships.

Prereq: Admission to counselor education program or consent of instructor.


Practices Of Marriage And Family Counseling 3 cr

An advanced course in counseling which focuses on various issues related to marriage and family counseling: working with couples, divorce counseling, therapy with children within a family context, remarriage and blended family systems, and multi-problematic families. Emphasis will be placed on advanced assessment and procedures of intervention.

Prereq: Successful completion of an introductory course or training in marriage and family counseling or comparable experience or written consent of instructor.


Theory And Techniques Of Marriage Family Counseling 3 cr

A professional course designed for individuals who are interested in family counseling as a profession. The course will focus on the major theoretical orientations of family processes and the associated techniques necessary for implementation.

Prereq: COUNSED-731 or consent of instructor.


Families: Assessment And Treatment Of Abusive Behaviors 3 cr

A professional course in counseling designed for individuals seeking advanced training in assessment and treatment of abusive family systems.

Prereq: COUNSED-731 and COUNSED-746.


Counseling Across the Lifespan 3 cr

This course will examine the relationship between counseling approaches and development across the lifespan. This course will explore theories of development and their implications for adapting counseling approaches to stage of development. It will also examine associations between developmental concerns and maladaptive behavior and the implications for counseling clients of all ages.

Prereq/coreq: COUNSED-718 and COUNSED-722


Perspectives In School Counseling 3 cr

The introductory course designed for students planning to become school counselors. Counseling and guidance are examined within the context of the total school structure. Roles of school counselors are considered along with those factors which impact upon the counselor role. The design, implementation, and evaluation of comprehensive development counseling programs are examined using a systems view of family, schools, and community. Significant topics and issues for school counselors, such as conflict resolution, crisis management, peer mediation, and school improvement, are explored.

Prereq: Admission to counselor education program or consent of instructor.


Social And Cultural Foundations In Counseling 3 cr

A professional course in counseling developed to provide students with a foundational knowledge and competency base for working effectively with a social and culturally diverse clientele. Course content will include: a) multicultural and pluralistic trends including characteristics and concerns of subgroups, subgroup and societal interaction patterns and methods of conflict resolution; b) societal concern of discrimination on the basis of race, physical condition, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, ethnicity or gender

Prereq: Admission to counselor education program or consent of instructor.


Counseling In Elementary And Middle Schools 3 cr

Counseling services and program for elementary and junior high school students as well as the role of the elementary school counselor are studied. The developmental guidance needs of all children are identified along with the specific guidance needs of particular student populations. Individual and group counseling procedures with children are examined.

Prereq: COUNSED-718 and COUNSED-738.


Counseling In Secondary Schools 3 cr

Counseling services and programs for secondary school students are investigated along with the role of the secondary school counselor. The developmental guidance and counseling needs of all secondary school students as well as the specific needs of particular student populations are identified. Discussions focus on individual and group counseling approaches with adolescents.

Prereq: COUNSED-718, COUNSED-722 and COUNSED-738.


Counseling And The Chemical Dependency Process 3 cr

A study of alcohol and other drug abuse, the process of chemical dependency, its impact on the family and its importance in the area of counseling. This course will enable the counselor to identify and assess the substance abuser and examine the counselor's role in the prevention and intervention process. The student will learn to identify the various symptoms of progressive stages of chemical dependency and counseling modalities for treatment.

Prereq: Admission to the counselor education program or consent of instructor.


Administration In College Student Personnel 3 cr

This course is designed to focus upon administration skills for professionals in student affairs. Topics covered will include ethics and standards of professional practice, theories, models and practices of leadership, organization and management, fiscal resource and facility management, human resource development including paraprofessional training models, program development, supervision and evaluation of student affairs professionals, legal issues, due process, collective bargaining, and environment assessment.

Prereq: Admission to the counselor education program or consent of instructor.


Chemical Dependency - Treatment And Rehabilitation 3 cr

This course is for the student who wishes to develop and refine skills in the area of alcohol and drug counseling with interest in pursuing a counseling career in the specialty area of alcohol and drug counseling or a broader human services context. This course will help the student to gain knowledge and develop skills in individual, group, and family counseling as applied to chemically dependent client and/or family members. Special treatment needs of specific populations (i.e. adolescents, women, elderly) will also be addressed.

Prereq: Admission to Counselor Education program and COUNSED-718, COUNSED-722, COUNSED-746.


Professional Practices: Ethics and Consultation 3 cr

This course is designed to review ethical principles across counseling disciplines and to apply these principles in the practice of counseling, collaboration and consultation. Ethical codes will be reviewed, theories and paradigms of ethical decision making models explored, and legal implications of ethical practice considered. Consultation theories, models, processes, and issues will be examined and applied. Consultation skill development will focus on benefiting both the client (consultee) and client system, in which the client, persons in the client's support system/context, various professionals within the educational or counseling setting, professionals in the mental health community, and other community members are empowered to facilitate change.

Prereq: COUNSED-718, COUNSED-721, and COUNSED-722.


Workshop 1-3 cr


Seminar 1-3 cr


Special Studies 1-3 cr


Individual Studies 1-3 cr


Thesis Research 1-6 cr

Students must complete a Thesis Proposal Form in the Graduate Studies Office before registering for this course.



Supervised Practicum 3 cr

Prereq: Graduate status, application and interview, completion of 9 credits at UW-Whitewater, and designated curriculum check sheet requirements. (Not to be used for first-time certification.) Repeatable 2 times for a maximum of 12 credits.

Prereq: Admission to the counselor education program or consent of instructor.


Counseling Internship 3-6 cr

The Counseling Internship is an is an opportunity for students to apply concepts and skills in field counseling settings. Students are placed in internship settings which are compatible with the individual student's experiences, competencies, and career goals. Students work with clients under the supervision of a qualified field staff member in the setting and the university counselor education staff.

Prereq: All required coursework must be taken prior to or concurrent with the Internship.


Post-Masters School Counseling Internship 6 cr

Interns will complete 600 clock hours of supervised experience each semester at a school. The intern will engage in individual and group counseling, developmental guidance activities, and consultation, as well as a variety of other activities that a regularly employed staff member in the setting would be expected to perform. Can repeat once.

Prereq: Masters in Counseling-School emphasis, completion of READING-764, SPECED-205, SPECED-721, COUNSED-738, COUNSED-741, COUNSED-793 and permission of instructor.