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Dance and Theatre (DANCE, THEATRE)


Performance Art 2 cr

Performance Art is an avant-garde form of live art performance. In this course students will learn about the historical predecessors of Performance Art, be exposed to contemporary work through reviews, articles and videotapes, and create their own solo and group work to culminate in a public performance. Offered occasionally.



Summer Theatre Production 1-6 cr

This course is designed for qualified students to participate in the performance, management, costume and set construction, lighting, and sound operation of on-campus summer theatre productions. Offered summers only.* Repeatable for a maximum of 6 credits in degree.

Prereq: Audition or interview and consent of department.


Improvisational Drama 3 cr

A study of the techniques of non-scripted drama, including theatre games, improvised scenes, creative drama and story dramatization. Implications and uses of non-scripted drama for education and performance are explored through lectures, demonstrations and group participation. Offered even-numbered springs.*


Vocal Production And Stage Speech 3 cr

A study of vocal production and vocal techniques for the actor. Emphasis on the fundamentals of freeing the actor's voice: breathing, relaxation, resonance, articulation, variety and projection. Offered each spring.*

Prereq: THEATRE-120 or consent of instructor.


Advanced Stage Design and Technology 3 cr

A course for the advanced student who wishes to pursue further study in scenic, costume or lighting design and/or technology. Each student, in consultation with the instructors, will choose two projects on which to focus.

Prereq: Consent of Instructor.


Workshop 1-6 cr

Offered on demand.


Travel Study 1-3 cr

Offered on demand.


Seminar 1-6 cr

Offered on demand.


Special Studies 1-3 cr

Offered on demand.


Senior Project

A capstone project in which the student demonstrates proficiency in directing, acting, designing, promotion, playwriting or criticism on a major project proposed by the student and approved by the department. Offered on demand.

Prereq: Completion of at least 75% of the student's major requirements (including at least 2 upper level courses in the student's project area) and submission and approval of the proposal by the department.


Workshop 1-6 cr

Offered on demand.


Seminar 1-3 cr

Offered on demand.

THEATRE-796 1-3 cr

Special Studies

Offered on demand.


Individual Studies 1-3 cr

Offered on demand.


Thesis Research 1-6 cr

Offered on demand. Students must complete a Thesis Proposal Form in the Graduate Studies Office before registering for this course.