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Early Childhood (EARLYCHD)


Nutrition And Health: Early Childhood 3 cr

This course pertains to the needs of the young child of preschool age through the third grade, with emphasis on knowledge of nutrition, safety, and health in homes and community and school settings.

Prereq: Restricted to students with Professional Ed admission.


Children's Literature 3 cr

A study of literature and media for Early Childhood, PreK-6; emphasis on evaluating, selecting, and presenting materials related to the interests and needs of children and the curriculum.

Prereq: Restricted to students with Professional Ed admission.


Programs And Curriculum For Infants And Toddlers 3 cr

This course will enable students to plan a sequential curriculum for children from birth to age three. Issues, concepts and research findings pertaining to group care of infants and toddlers in a variety of settings will be considered, as well as teaching strategies employed with very young children.

Prereq: Consent of instructor and restricted to students with Professional Ed admission.


Administration Of Preschool Programs 3 cr

The concentration of this course is on managerial skills. Areas of emphasis are licensing, writing policies, programming, staffing, finances, professional ethics, and public relations.

Prereq: Restricted to students with Professional Ed admission.


Early Childhood Education: From Theory To Practice 3 cr

A study of the historical and theoretical foundations; current models and practices; and significant research regarding early childhood education.


Trends In Curriculum For The Preschool/Primary Child 3 cr

This course is designed to give students sufficient skills to develop, implement and evaluate curriculum for children from ages 3-8.


Current Issues In Early Childhood Education 3 cr

Identification of significant issues and consideration of research having an impact on emerging trends as well as current practices in early childhood education.


Children In Crisis 3 cr

Feelings experienced by parents and children who are going through crises, the behavioral effects of these crises, and effective ways for the school to relate to them at these times. Students will also become familiar with adult reading and children's books in these areas.


Intergrating Software & Technology: Reading/Earlyhood Curriculm 3 cr

This course introduces teachers to the evaluation of software, and to the integration of software into the reading and early childhood curriculum.


Children At Risk: Community/School Programs 3 cr

This course acquaints teachers and school personnel with the Wisconsin Children-At-Risk Initiative and prepares them to participate in collaborative home/ school/community efforts to serve children who are at risk for educational failure.