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Educational Administration (EDADMIN)

EDADMIN-725 (CIGENRL-725) Curriculum Development And Integration 3 cr

This course focuses primarily on the processes of curriculum development. The students will be involved in curriculum design activities which will require consideration of the socio-political and philosophical forces as well as consideration of learning and developmental theory.

EDADMIN-769 (CIGENRL-769) Supervision Of Instruction 3 cr

Analysis of basic concepts of supervision and competencies essential to effective supervisory performance. Extended examination of current and emerging supervisory practices found in local school districts. Supervision as a process is considered in a variety of roles and positions of leadership.

EDADMIN-776 (CIGENRL-776) The School Principalship 3 cr

Study of the application of theories to the administrative behavior problems of leadership in an elementary school. The course content will present research concerning the operation and management of an elementary school. It is designed for students who will have a leadership function or role in their school duties, such as team leader, supervisor, coordinator, or elementary principal.

EDADMIN-780 (CIGENRL-780) Organizational Theory and Administrative Behavior in Education 3 cr

Theoretical constructs and empirical research relating to administering organizations in education will be presented. The course will emphasize administrative behavior with special attention to planning and organizational improvement.

EDADMIN -793 (CIGENRL-793) Practicum 1-6 cr