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UW-Madison Classes

These are Classes in the Department of Educational Leadership
and Policy Analysis or ELPA

700 Field Experience in Educational Administration.

3 cr. Supervised field experience: elementary, secondary, vocational, technical, higher, and/or special education at local, state, or national level. P: cons inst.

702 Introduction to Elementary and Secondary Education Administration.

3 cr. Integration of research, theory, and standards of practice for effective leadership in contemporary educational organizations. P: Grad st.

703 Evaluating and Supporting Quality Classroom Teaching.

3 cr. Enables school leaders to evaluate teaching practice and to recognize and support quality classroom teaching in K-12 classrooms. Students will apply established evaluation frameworks to video cases of classroom practice. Topics will include a review of supervision and evaluation theories, basics of video production, and the link between evaluation practices and professional development. P: Grad st, Ed Admin 702 or con reg.

725 Research Methods and Procedures in Educational Administration.

3 cr. Introduction to the research process. Role of theory and hypothesis testing in research. Introduction to research problems, questions, hypotheses, variables, constructs, definitions, measurement, research and experimental designs, sampling, descriptive statistics, proposal writing, types of research and statistical computing. Critical analysis of published research. P: Grad st.

735 Student Services and Diversity in Elementary/Secondary Education.

3 cr. Coordinating and effective utilization of school-based special services in the context of student diversity with attention to values, theory, and research underlying curriculum, instruction and policy, in terms of social class, gender, sexual orientation, disability, and race. P: Grad st.

830 Financing Elementary and Secondary Education. (Crosslisted with Ed Pol, Pub Affr)

3 cr. Contemporary bases for collecting and distributing local, state, and federal funds for elementary and secondary education; problems and issues in financial support of education; current, alternative and more effective uses of educational resources. P: Grad st.

835 Leadership for Inclusive Schooling. (Crosslisted with RP&SE)

3 cr. Examines historical and organizational context of special education administration at the federal, state and local levels. Includes policy implementation, constituency management, coordination, communication, and current issues. P: Ed Admin 702 & 735. (Only offered in Madison)

840 Legal Aspects of Elementary and Secondary Education.

3 cr. Legal aspects of public K-12 education. Legal structure; employee rights; employee discipline; curriculum; students' rights; student discipline, special education; torts; contracts, religion. Impact of federal and state constitutions, statutes, and court decisions on education. P: Grad st.

842 Legal Aspects of Special Education and Pupil Services.

3 cr. Legal requirements and issues relative to special education and pupil services programs; special education, juvenile justice, programs for English language learners, programs for children who are homeless; examination of applicable federal and state statutes and case law. P: Ed Admin 840 or equiv. (Only offered in Madison)

844 Professional Development and Organizational Learning.

3 cr. Examines educators' professional learning in organizations and its contributions to organizational change, learning, and renewal.

845 The School Principalship.

3 cr. Dimensions of the school principal's responsibilities including instructional leadership; emphasis on goals and theories undergirding present practices and operational tasks reflecting changes in learning theory and school purposes. P: Ed Admin 702 or cons inst for Ed Admin majors; Grad st for other fields.

847 Instructional Leadership and School Improvement.

3 cr. Creating and sustaining healthy and successful teaching and learning environments for students and staff is the guiding theme of this course. It is designed to provide teachers, learning specialists, and administrators with the foundations of research, theory, and best practices in instructional leadership and school improvement. The course includes instructional supervision, group development, organizational assessment and change processes, professional development, and action research for school improvement. P: Ed Admin 702 or cons inst.

875 Theory and Practice of Educational Planning. (Crosslisted with Urb R Pl)

3 cr. Theory, research and practice in advanced program planning and evaluation involving elementary, secondary and higher and post-secondary education. P: Ed Admin 702 or cons inst for Ed Admin majors. Grad st for other fields. (Only offered in Madison)

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UW-Whitewater Classes

[The ELPA Equivalents are in brackets]

EDADMIN 725 (CIGENRL 725) Curriculum Development And Integration

3u This course focuses primarily on the processes of curriculum development. The students will be involved in curriculum design activities which will require consideration of the socio-political and philosophical forces as well as consideration of learning and developmental theory.

EDADMIN 728 (CIGENRL 728) Introduction to Elem and Secondary Educational Administration

3u Introduction to K-12 Elementary and Secondary Administration (728) is a three-credit graduate course designed to introduce students to the main themes of research and practice in American primary and secondary school leadership through a sustained investigation of the conditions for successful instructional leadership. [ELPA 702]

EDADMIN 769 (CIGENRL 769) Supervision Of Instruction

3u Analysis of basic concepts of supervision and competencies essential to effective supervisory performance. Extended examination of current and emerging supervisory practices found in local school districts. Supervision as a process is considered in a variety of roles and positions of leadership. [ELPA 703]

EDADMIN 776 (CIGENRL 776) The School Principalship

3u Study of the application of theories to the administrative behavior problems of leadership in an elementary school. The course content will present research concerning the operation and management of an elementary school. It is designed for students who will have a leadership function or role in their school duties, such as team leader, supervisor, coordinator, or elementary principal. [ELPA 845]

EDADMIN 780 (CIGENRL 780) Organizational Theory and Administrative Behavior in Education

3u Theoretical constructs and empirical research relating to administering organizations in education will be presented. The course will emphasize administrative behavior with special attention to planning and organizational improvement. [ELPA 860]

EDADMIN 793 (CIGENRL 793) Practicum

1-6u Supervised field experience: elementary, secondary, and/or special education at local, state, or national level. Required for Wisconsin Licensure as K-12 principal, director of Instruction, or Director of Pupil Services. [ELPA 700]

SCHBUSMG 770 School Finance and Accounting

3u School Finance and Accounting is designed for administrators and other school personnel who desire to learn the principles and concepts of school accounting; auditing and financial reporting; major sources of revenue; and cost management and investment techniques. [ELPA 830]

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