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Education: General (EDUINDP)


Informal Assessment of Young Children 3 cr

This class is designed to assist students in acquiring skills related to informal assessment. These skills include: the ability to use a variety of observation strategies, to apply functional assessment strategies, use play-based and other criterion-referenced instruments, and develop and implement program evaluation strategies. Additionally, the student will acquire the ability to link assessment results to IEP/IFSP formation, use assessment results to develop differentiated instruction, write summary reports for school files, communicate in writing and verbally about assessment results to parents and to other professionals.

Prereq: Admission to Professional Education.


Creating Professional Development Plans 1 cr

This course is designed to be a campus based course with a 25% on-line component. This course prepares the initial educator to use reflection tools to gauge their current level of performance based on the Wisconsin Educator Standards. From their reflections and documentations, each participant will write a compelling goal(s) that drives the writing of the professional development for the next 3-5 years. Professional Development Plans (PDPs) will be completed and approved so that the initial educator will leave the institute ready to implement the first year of his/her PDP. Assessment strategies are part of the institute so that initial educators may begin to collect and analyze data that show professional growth and a positive impact on student learning. Participants will be part of a learning community which includes the university higher education representative and other members of their professional community.

Prereq: Enmplyed in public/private educational setting; professsional educator status.


Implementation of the Professional Development Plan 1 cr

This campus based and on-line (50%) institute builds on prior learning from the previous summer institute in that this stage of PDP development and implementation requires the learner and the community to reflect on progress, look at the annual review of the PDP and make necessary revisions. They will analyze current data sources based on their assessment plans that were collected throughout the process. This institute will deepen content knowledge related to participant goals by including content and pedagogical specialists to increase the learners' knowledge, skills, and dispositions related to the standards addressed in their PDPs.

Prereq: EDUINDP-410/610 Creating PDPs.


Verification of the Professional Development Plan .5 cr

This .5 credit campus-based and on-line (50%) institute builds on prior learning from the previous summer institutes by providing the final verification process with Initial Team Members of the Initial Educator's Professional Development Plan.

Prereq: EDUINDP-410/610 and EDUINDP 411/611.


Planning for Individual Needs 3 cr

This class provides students with the skills to develop and adapt curriculum and instructional strategies to meet the educational needs of young children who require specialized instruction. The emphasis is on the provision of that instruction in the natural environment of the children.

Prereq: Admission to Professional Education.


Mentoring the Initial Educator 3 cr

The course takes participants through a set of strategic actions based on the research for effective schools and the guiding principles of Wisconsin's new educator licensure ruling, PI 34. The actions are grounded in four major themes: sharing a vision of educator quality based on Wisconsin Educator Standards; developing a collaborative environment in which to learn and practice; demonstrating the results of reflective practice by creating professional goals and plans and; focusing goals on increasing student learning successes.

Prereq: Employed in public/private educational setting; professional educator status.


The Professioal Development Planning (PDP) Process 3 cr

This course will prepare educators in the Wisconsin DPI professional and/or master level licensure cycles to guide and coach the initial educator through the process of reflection, gathering and analyzing current data, and using the Wisconsin Educator Standards to write, implement, and verify a professional development plan that meets licensure requirements and instills a commitment to professional learning and growth.

Prereq: Employed in public/private educational setting; professional educator status.


Serving as a PDP Initial Educator Team Member 3 cr

This course is designed to be delivered as a site based and/or campus based course with a 50% on-line component. It is a performance based class meant for teachers, administrators and/or pupil service providers to take the content of the course and authentically apply the knowledge and skills to become a member of the Initial Educator Team and/or Professional Development Team. Therefore, the content is delivered and activated in class and the assignments are designed to be delivered on-line using reflection exercises and feedback as well as discussion groups following the sessions.

Prereq: EDUINDP-711.


Integrative Project Seminar 3 cr

This course assists the student in completing the Integrative Project. It should be taken during the semester that the student intends to finish this requirement. The course will be graded on a Satisfactory/No Credit grading scale.

Prereq: Approval of program coordinator and adviser.


Workshop 1-6 cr