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Languages & Literatures (ENGLISH, FRENCH, GERMAN, SPANISH, ESL)



Literature For Adolescents 3 cr

This course will explore the history and development of adolescent literature, with special emphasis on the period since 1960. Recent novels which have proven popular and influential with young people and teachers will be analyzed using literary and educational criteria. Participants will consider works within the context of intellectual freedom and potential censorship.


African-American Literature, 1800 To The Present 3 cr

A survey of essays, prose fiction, drama, and poetry written by African-Americans from the colonial period to the present.

Unreq: AFRIAMR-345/545.


Survey Of Modern Drama 3 cr

Analysis of trends and developments in the modern theatre from Ibsen's realistic plays to off-Broadway drama with emphasis on literary history and staging problems.


Modern Poetry 3 cr

An intensive study of major twentieth century American and British poets.


American Minority Women Writers 3 cr

A survey of poetry, fiction, drama, and essays written by African-American, Spanish-American, and Native American women.


Technical And Scientific Writing 3 cr

Practice in expository, descriptive, and report writing, with special application to technical and scientific subject matter.


Fiction Writing 3 cr

Theory, techniques, and practice of the writing of fiction. Graduate students will be required to write 75 pages and to complete a critical study of creative writing publications.


Prose Stylistics 3 cr

Introduction to analysis of prose style through intensive study of a broad range of contemporary styles ranging from popular to business, technical and academic styles. Application of the principles of style in student writing.


Modern Grammatical Theory 3 cr

A study of traditional, structural and transformational-generative grammars.


Topics In Linguistics (variable topic) 3 cr

Advanced study of a branch of linguistics or of the application of a branch of linguistics to a cognate field, e.g., pedagogy of literary criticism, the particular topic to be published before registration.

Repeatable only with change of topic.


Shakespeare 3 cr

A study of the works of Shakespeare which will include representative genres and which will not duplicate works studied in ENGLISH-605.


Shakespeare 3 cr

A study of the works of Shakespeare which will include representative genres and which will not duplicate work studied in ENGLISH-604.


Victorian And Edwardian Literature 3 cr

A survey of Anglo-Irish literature in the Victorian and Edwardian periods (c. 1830-1914), emphasizing the movement of ideas in the period from romanticism to modernism.


Current Theories Of Composition For Teachers 3 cr

A course in theories and methods of teaching composition, including practice in the evaluation of student writing.


The Current Writing Scene 3 cr

An intensive study of the range of current writing, with practice in written composition which may qualify students for professional employment.


Language and Literacy 3 cr

In Language and Literacy students examine the interconnectedness of language and social context, including the relationship between literacy and speech, for teaching English as a second language. Of specific interest to ESL practitioners, this course may be of interest to those teaching English at the secondary level, also.

Prereq: ENGLISH-581 or special permission from instructor.


Workshop 1-3 cr


Travel Study 1-3 cr


Seminar 3 cr


Special Studies 2-4 cr

Repeatable only with change of topic.


Teaching Writing 3 cr

A survey of techniques for guiding students through the composing process and improving their ability to write. Students will become familiar with recent research on writing and will design writing activities to be used in middle and secondary schools. Practice in writing will be an important part of the course.

Unreq: SECNDED-720.


Teaching Literature 3 cr

A survey of techniques and theories in the teaching of fiction, poetry, and drama in middle and secondary schools. Students will read and discuss current writings about the teaching of literature, investigate selected topics that show the connection between theories of literature and teaching practices, and participate in a variety of demonstrations. The course will be team-taught by a faculty member from the College of Education and a faculty member from the Department of Languages and Literatures.

Unreq: SECNDED-730.


Workshop 1 cr

Repeatable only with change of topic.


Practicum 1-3 cr


Seminar 1-3 cr


Special Studies 1-3 cr


Individual Studies 1-3 cr


Thesis Research 1-2 cr

Students must complete a Thesis Proposal Form in the Graduate Studies Office before registering for this course.



Workshop 1-3 cr


Travel Study 1-3 cr


Seminar 1-3 cr


Special Studies 1-3 cr



Workshop 1-3 cr


Travel Study 1-3 cr

GERMAN-694 Seminar 1-3 cr


Special Studies 1-3 cr



Workshop 1-3 cr


Travel Study 1-3 cr


Seminar 1-3 cr


Special Studies 1-3 cr



Approaches To Teaching ESL To Adults 3 cr

Approaches to Teaching ESL provides students with a foundation in pedagogical principles of teaching English to speakers of other languages. Students will learn approaches and techniques for teaching listening, speaking, reading and writing to ESL learners of different ages, learning English in a variety of settings. This course satisfies partial requirements for licensure in the State of Wisconsin.

Prereq: ENGLISH-101 and ENGLISH-102 and ENGLISH-281.

ESL-510 (CIGENRL-510)

Survey of Educational Linguistics 3 cr

In Survey of Educational Linguistics, students will examine certain core areas of linguistics (phonology, morphology and syntax), with special attention to language acquisition. Course assignments will relate to the teaching of linguistically diverse communities.

Prereq: ENG 101 and ENG 102 or consent of the instructor.

ESL -520 (CIGENRL-520)

The Spoken Language and Discourse Analysis 3 cr

In The Spoken Language and Discourse Analysis, students develop working knowledge of contemporary issues and practices in the teaching of oral communication (speaking and listening skills) to English language learners (ELLs). We also examine issues that arise in the relationship between the spoken language and reading and writing. We will use a primarily socialinguistic approach in our study of speech production, listening comprehension, and social interaction. Teaching oral communication requires the ability to use linguistic tools.

ESL -550 (CIGENRL-550) (SECNDED-550)

Introduction To ESL and Bilingual-Bicultural Education 3 cr

History, philosophy and rationale for bilingual/ bicultural education. A study of different models of bilingual education programs as well as different types of bilinguals. Cultural, socioeconomic and psychological factors influencing learning in the bilingual child.

Unreq: SECNDED-350/550.

ESL-554 (CIGENRL-554)

Seminar in ESL/Bilingual Education 1- 3 cr

In the Seminar in ESL and Bilingual Education, students meet to reflect upon the relationship between program content and contemporary issues in the educational and socio-political experiences of linguistically diverse communities in the region and state. Rotating themes include family, community and cultural change.

Prereq: ENG 101, ENG 102 or Consent of Instructor

ESL-603 (CIGENRL-603)

ESL Methods and Curriculum 3 cr

ESL Materials and Curricula Development builds upon principles of teaching ESL covered in 437-427 Methods of Teaching Foreign Language and ESL. In this course, students gain an understanding of approaches to course planning in curriculum development, materials selection and design. Most importantly, students learn how to apply language teaching methods to content-area instruction. This course is offered through two-way video with online reading, homework, writing assignments, and discussion through Blackboard.

ESL-605 (CIGENRL-605)

Assessment in the ESL/Bilingual Classroom 3 cr

This course explores policies, procedures, and instruments used to assess English language proficiency and academic achievement of limited English proficient students in American public schools. Included in this are the areas of English and native language competence; program placement, progress, and exit; alternative assessments in ESL. Bilingual and mainstream classrooms.

Prereq: ENG 101, ENG 102, Admission to the College of Education or consent of instructor.

ESL -655 (CIGENRL-655) (SECNDED-655)

Teaching Content in the Bilingual Classroom 3 cr

This course is an examination of various techniques and materials being used to teach content area subject matter in ESL/bilingual education programs. Other topics of discussion include language assessment and adaptation of materials to the learner's language proficiency and cultural experience. The course is taught in English, but discussion will take place in other languages so that students have the opportunity to expand and improve their command of the language used as a medium of instruction.

Unreq: SECNDED-455/655. -655) (SECNDED-655)


Applied Study in ESL 1-3 cr


Special Studies 1-3 cr