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Marketing (MARKETNG)


International Marketing 3 cr

A survey of the structure, techniques, problems, and general environment of marketing abroad. Subjects include organization, promotion, finance, legal aspects and operation.

Prereq: MARKETNG-311 and MARKETNG-321 or MARKETNG-381.


Seminar 3 cr


Marketing 2 cr

Analysis of the institutional, behavioral, competitive, legal, and intra-firm aspects of the marketing function in business and other organizations.

Prereq: Graduate standing and Micro-economics.


Advanced Statistical Methods 2 cr

Applications of advanced statistical methods to managerial problems of prediction, inference, parametric and nonparametric, and decision making under uncertainty. Topics emphasized are multiple regression and time series.

Prereq: Graduate standing and demonstrated proficiency in mathematics and statistics or ECON-703, or MATH-143 and ECON-245.


Operations Research 3 cr

Application of scientific problem solving techniques to the business decision process. The model-building process includes linear programming and its applications, both deterministic and stochastic models such as network models, queuing theory, and simulation.

Prereq: Graduate standing and demonstrated proficiency in mathematics and statistics or ECON-703 or MATH-143 and ECON-245.


Seminar In Methodology Of Business Research 3 cr

Designed to acquaint graduate students with the research process, its tools and techniques, as well as the methods which form a basis for business planning, decision making, and problem solving.

Prereq: MARKETNG-731 or consent of instructor.


Total Quality Management 3 cr

This course is a unified treatment of total quality management (TQM) principles and methods. It traces the origins of TQM and incorporates the more recent developments in Japan and the U.S.A. Topics covered include customer satisfaction, quality function deployment, teamwork, continuous improvement and its tools, established practices of TQM such as process simplification, cycle-time reduction, and bench marking, and also the Baldrige Award and ISO 9000.

Prereq: ECON-703 and MARKETNG-716 or equivalents.


Buyer Behavior 3 cr

The study and explanation of the behavior of consumers, research methods and findings from the behavioral sciences.

Prereq: MARKETNG-716 or equivalent.


International Business (Marketing) 3 cr

Fundamental aspects of international business will be studied. Emphasis is placed on decision making in an international setting and appraisal of market opportunities worldwide. Cases will be used to illustrate operational problems of multinational organizations as well as international intermediaries.

Prereq: MARKETNG-716 or equivalent.


Advertising and Promotion Management 3 cr

The course focuses on the identification and utilization of key marketing communication components in the development and implementation of promotional strategies and tactics. Attention will be devoted to understanding effective and efficient ways to integrate various marketing promotion techniques. Specific topics include sales promotion, Internet marketing, advertising, direct marketing, database marketing and personal selling.

Prereq: Graduate standing or the consent of the instructor


Ethics in the Marketplace 2 cr

This course will focus primarily on issues related to the business/customer relationship, with customers being defined as both other organizations and consumers. The course will emphasize current issues such as privacy rights, pricing ethics, promotional tactics and targeting. Students will discuss topics, analyze cases, and write essays defending their opinions and suggesting strategies. The course will provide examples of both exemplary and poor business behavior.

Prereq: MARKETNG-716 or equivalent.


Product Innovation and Pricing 3 cr

An in-depth examination of the theoretical framework and empirical findings as they relate to the development and pricing of new products. The marketing tasks of new product development and existing product management will be examined in an innovation context. Current methods of setting prices will also be discussed.

Prereq: MARKETNG-716 or consent of instructor.


Internet Marketing 3 cr

This class is designed to provide marketing majors and minors with basic knowledge of the Internet so that they can understand why this technology has and will continue to exert such an important impact on marketing practice. It will also consider such topics as web demographics, the on-line business model, web enhancement of products and services, personalization, traffic and brand building, net exchanges, and on-line community. In addition, the class will explore the impact that the Internet is having on such traditional areas of marketing concern as research, new product development, segmentation, personal selling, pricing, and distribution.

Prereq: MARKETNG-716 or equivalent.


Strategic Marketing Planning 3 cr

Analysis of the planning process in the marketing oriented enterprise culminating with the development of a marketing plan based on a current business problem. The supportive nature of staff functions is analyzed from the viewpoint of its contribution to total marketing planning and strategy.

Prereq: MARKETNG-716 or equivalent.


Database Marketing 3 cr

This course is designed to increase students' understanding of how technology, specifically the customer database, is used to design and implement marketing strategies. Special attention will be devoted to understanding one-to-one buyer-seller relationships, studying the types of information needed in a customer database, and how this information can be integrated into the marketing decision making process. Special attention is devoted to utilizing statistical analyses to understand relationships.

Prereq: MARKETNG-716 or equivalent undergraduate course, MARKETNG-731 or MARKETNG-732.


Marketing Of Health Care Delivery Systems 3 cr

The focus of this course is on the marketing of effective exchange relationships between health care organizations and key markets and publics. Included in the coverage (but not limited to) are the: role of marketing in health care organizations, changing environments for health care organizations, perspectives of comparative health delivery systems, techniques of marketing research in target market selection and measurement of customer satisfaction, development of an effective marketing mix, and the creation of dynamic, responsive and sustainable organizations for fulfilling the health care mission.

Prereq: Graduate standing or the consent of the instructor.


Seminar In Current Marketing Topics 3 cr

Intensive and critical examination focused on a specific substantive marketing problem area. Topics will vary.

Prereq: MARKETNG-716 or equivalent.


Readings And Research In Marketing 3 cr

Study of a selected area in marketing through readings and/or empirical research. Areas of study will be selected by the student in consultation with an adviser.

Prereq: Consent of instructor.


Workshop 1-6 cr


Seminar 1-3 cr


Individual Studies 1-3 cr


Thesis Research 1-3 cr

Students must complete a Thesis Proposal Form in the Graduate Studies Office before registering for this course.