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Program Coordinator: 
David Welsch 
Hyland 4400 
Phone: (262) 472-1361 

Applied Economics

(Master of Science)

The M.S. Applied Economics degree at UW-Whitewater is a one year, 32 credit program, which trains students to become professional economists who have a good foundation in modern economic theory and are capable of doing applied research. The program provides students with core and advanced economic knowledge, as well as the necessary preparation and tools needed to do applied analytical research.  Specific areas of emphasis include econometrics, open economy macroeconomics, monetary economics, industrial organization, development economics and natural resource economics.

Graduates of the program acquire the following proficiencies within the program: i) Analytical and Critical Thinking skills; (ii) Quantitative and Statistical skills; (iii) Economic Literacy; (iv) Communication skills. This program will be particularly useful for individuals who: a) wish to obtain an advanced degree that emphasizes both analytical and empirical training; (b) are considering a change in career; (c) wish to further their current career by sending a signal to their current employer regarding their analytical and empirical skills; and (d) those considering pursuing a Ph.D. in Economics.