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School Business Management (SCHBUSMG)


School Finance And Accounting 3 cr

School Finance and Accounting is designed for administrators and other school personnel who desire to learn the principles and concepts of school accounting; auditing and financial reporting; major sources of revenue; and cost management and investment techniques.


School Business Management Techniques 3 cr

This course is designed specifically for prospective school business managers and other school administrators who desire to become acquainted with various management concepts and techniques in school business operations and with applications that can utilize computerized systems for efficient operations.

Prereq: SCHBUSMG-770.


Legal Aspects Of Education 3 cr

Legal information is presented in nontechnical language to educational practitioners on all facets of school operations, including the liability of school districts and employees, school fund and indebtedness, administration, pupil governance, retirement benefits, and employment relations.


School Budgeting And Financial Planning 3 cr

Budgeting and Financial Reporting is designed for administrators and other school personnel who desire to learn the conceptual and practical aspects of budgeting and financial planning; inventory control; purchasing; capital project planning and debt service management.


Administration And Organization Of The Public Schools 3 cr

This survey of the foundation, organization and administration of the American public school system includes the identification and examination of major issues relative to the continual development of public education such as the financing of public education and the role of the school business manager in this development.


School Auxiliary Services Management 3 crv

This course is designed for students seeking background knowledge and training in the management of school auxiliary services. The course emphasizes the processes and procedures necessary in the management of food services operations, school transportation operations and plant/maintenance operations. Restricted to students admitted to School Business Management Degree program or with consent of Program Coordinator.


Internship In School Business Management 1-6 cr

The internship is a clinical experience which provides prospective school business managers with varied opportunities to learn in a school setting. The internship is normally an 18-week assignment in a local school system. Applications must be made one semester in advance of the desired internship period.

Prereq: SCHBUSMG-770 or consent of instructor.


School Community Relations in a Diverse Society 3 cr

This course is designed for aspiring business managers and other school administrators who desire to more effectively apply the concepts of leadership, interpersonal relations, conflict management, ethical decision-making, politics, diversity, and public relations in public education. The identification of varying student and community needs based on demographic differences is an integral part of this course. Specifically, racial, ethnic and gender differences are examined. Political factions at the school, local community and state levels are discussed with conclusions drawn about effective communication patterns. Ethical decision-making and conflict resolution in practical management situations is emphasized. This course is designed to assist future leaders of diverse learning organizations to enhance their abilities to foster positive relationships between schools and communities of all types.


Collective Negotiation in Education

Designed for school administrators and other educators who desire to learn the principles and concepts and acquire the skills needed in collective negotiations and contract management in the public schools.

Prereq: SCHBUSMG-790 or consent of instructor.


Workshop 1-6 cr


Seminar 1-3 cr


Special Studies 1-3 cr


Individual Studies 1-3 cr


Thesis Research 1-6 cr

Students must complete a Thesis Proposal Form in the Graduate Studies Office before registering for this course.