Our Voices

"The training I received at UW-Whitewater has prepared me for the challenges of working with diverse populations. It taught me how to be sensitive to factors such as culture, race, gender, socioeconomic status and personal beliefs. That has helped me tremendously working in an urban setting."

Danielle B., Ed.S., School Psychologist, Milwaukee, WI

"One of the best things about grad school at UW-Whitewater has been the relationships I have formed with my classmates. The bond we have has been a huge help both academically and as a social support."

Shannon W., Student, Fresno, CA

"I think that training in school psychology needs to be more than just about the books and journal articles. It needs to bring students into frequent and regular contact with both school children and working professionals so that the human side of training is able to take center stage."

Jim Larson, Ph.D., School Psychology Faculty Member

"I am very pleased that I selected UW-Whitewater for School Psychology because the course work and training are geared for you to become a competent practitioner in the field, so that when you start your first year in the profession, you are prepared to deliver a variety of services to meet the needs of students, staff, and parents with confidence."

Katy G., Student, Madison, WI

"The faculty have been personally invested in my success, interests, and training needs. I have never been turned away from exploring any topic, and the atmosphere promotes an open discussion of the major issues facing the field of school psychology."

Mitchell L., M.S.E., Intern School Psychologist, New Berlin, WI

"The training I received at UW-Whitewater has been valuable beyond my expectations. When I started my practicum field experience, I was stunned to discover that the training that I took for granted in UW-Whitewater's program put me steps ahead of my contemporaries. It also helped to have professors who have published well-received literature in the school psychology community."

Michael B., M.S.E., Intern School Psychologist, Milwaukee, WI

"One of the best things about grad school at UW-Whitewater was small class sizes, wonderful professors who are experts in their respective fields, and excellent preparation for the real world of school psychology."

Allison E., Ed.S. School Psychologist, Beloit Turner

"One of the greatest strengths of our program is the plethora of experiences in schools afforded our students. Faculty and students work closely to enhance student growth. Most students appear to leave this program changed personally as well."

Tracey Scherr, Ph.D., School Psychology Faculty Member