Admission Procedures

All prospective students desiring admission into the School Psychology Program must simultaneously apply for admission into the School of Graduate Studies. This combined application form may be completed on-line ( or obtained by calling the School of Graduate Studies (262) 472-1006. Those individuals requesting information directly from the School Psychology Program will find it included in the mailed packet. The completed form, along with all necessary fees, should be delivered or mailed to the School of Graduate Studies located in Roseman Hall.

Grade Point Average

An overall undergraduate grade point average of at least a 3.00 (on a 4.00 scale) is required. Applicants who do not meet this requirement may appeal for an exception on the basis of other factors (e.g., relevant work experience, outstanding job performance, recommendations, and/or evidence of appropriate personal qualifications.) Prospective applicants should be aware that the School Psychology Program receives far more applications for admission that it can possibly admit. A strong undergraduate GPA is a characteristic of most students admitted to the program.

Prerequisite Course Work

Students must demonstrate, at a minimum, undergraduate or graduate course work in the three areas of 1) child/adolescent psychology or development, 2) abnormal psychology, and 3) basic statistics as prerequisite to all graduate course work. Additional preparation in the areas of physiological psychology, advanced child development, personality theory, theories of counseling, and regular or exceptional education are highly desirable.

Personal Characteristics

Individuals wishing to be admitted to this program must be of high personal character. Some districts and practicum sites require a criminal background check. In addition, exceptional levels of maturity and professional demeanor are expected. Otherwise qualified candidates who lack these characteristics will be denied admission.

Non-Candidate for Degree

In accordance with Graduate School policy, students may take selected graduate courses as an Non-Candidate For Degree (NCFD) prior to admission. Up to 12 credits may be transferred into the student's School Psychology Program upon subsequent admission to the Program. Some students have found this to be a way to help demonstrate academic qualifications and/or get a head start on their program. Please consult the Coordinator prior to registering for NCFD classes. Successful completion of NCFD course work does not guarantee subsequent admission.

Applicants with Previously Earned Master's Degrees

Individuals desiring to apply directly to the Educational Specialist Degree (Ed.S.) with a previously earned Master's degree in school psychology or a related area may do so in consultation with the Coordinator. Additional course work to address deficiencies may be required.