Course of Study

Graduate Course Sequence

Students in the School Psychology Program complete a total of 69 graduate credits in psychology and education. The following courses are listed in the sequence in which they must be taken by all students. These courses are offered on a semester basis. Two summers of course work are necessary. All students are expected to earn both degrees.

Master's Degree Sequence

Summer I

Optional College of Education course in consultation with the Program Coordinator


Psych. 620 Foundations of Professional School Psychology 3 cr

Psych. 715 Research Design & Program Assessment 3 cr

Psych. 740 Assessment I - Achievement and Progress Monitoring 3 cr

Psych. 746 Psychopathology of Childhood and Adolescence 3 cr

Psych. 792 Field Placement in School Psychology 1 cr


Psych. 724 Learning in Educational Contexts 3 cr

Psych. 745 Assessment III - Intelligence and Adaptive Behavior 3 cr

Psych. 770 Assessment II - Personality and Behavior 3 cr

Psych. 785 Advanced Child Development 3 cr

Psych. 792 Field Placement in School Psychology 1 cr

***Alternative directed elective:

Psych. 799 Thesis Research 1 - 6

Summer II

Psych 768 Behavior Therapy in the School 3 cr

Psych 680 School Violence and Crisis Management 3 cr

Psych 762 Academic Interventions 3 cr

College of Education required course* 3 cr.

Note: Master's degree awarded upon successful thesis defense or successful completion of a comprehensive examination.

Education Specialist Degree Sequence


Psych. 793 Practicum in School Psychology including Seminar 6 cr

Psych. 769 Consultation and Prevention 3 cr

Psych 797 Specialist Project Research 1 cr

College of Education Required Course 3 cr


Psych. 793 Practicum in School Psychology including Seminar: Cultural Issues in the School 6 cr

Psych. 766 Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with Children and Adolescents 3 cr

Psych. 787 Social Context and Diversity in the School Setting 3 cr

*College of Education Required Courses

READING 764 Foundations of Reading 3 cr

SPECED 700 Theoretical Special Ed. 3 cr

EDFOUND 710 Education in a Pluralistic Society 3 cr



Psych. 795 Internship in School Psychology 3 cr


Psych. 795 Internship in School Psychology 3 cr

Note: Upon completion of all Program requirements, including internship, portfolio review, Specialist Project, and the successful completion of the NTS Praxis-II in School Psychology, students receive the Education Specialist Degree and may apply for the Nationally Certified School Psychologist credential.