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School Psychology

(Master of Science in Education & Education Specialist)

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The Master of Science in Education (M.S.E.) in School Psychology is part of a three year, 69-credit program which fulfills the academic requirements for licensure as a School Psychologist. This area of study concerns itself with the application of psychological theories and skills to prevention and intervention procedures with children and educational foundations and extensive training in assessment, therapy, and consultation practices. Completion of the three-year program leads to Department of Public Instruction licensure as a School Psychologist.

The curriculum is designed to provide advanced knowledge and skills in content areas necessary to meet the training requirements for School Psychology as defined by the National Association of School Psychologists, the American Psychological Association, and the State of Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction certification standards for School Psychologists. Students will learn, among other skills, to: complete non-biased data-based assessment of school-aged children and integrate such assessment into treatment procedures; function as consultants to teachers, parents and other personnel in school settings - working as child advocates in school, home and community; and conduct applied research that will benefit the children and families that they serve, and appreciate how such efforts fit into a context of continuing professional development.

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