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Elementary & Secondary Educaton (ELEMMID, SECNDED)


Children's Literature 3 cr

A study of literature for older children including fiction and nonfiction. Multimedia as related to literature, selection and usage are also explored.

Prereq: Restricted to Students with Professional Ed Admission.


SECNDED -550 (CIGENRL-550) (ESL-550)

Introduction To ESL and Bilingual- Bicultural Education 3 cr

History, philosophy and rationale for bilingual/ bicultural education. A study of different models of bilingual education programs as well as different types of bilinguals. Cultural, socioeconomic and psychological factors influencing learning in the bilingual child.

Unreq: SECNDED-550.


Methods Of Teaching Physical Education K-12 3 cr

Techniques of teaching physical education including selection of content, methods of presentation, class management, supervision, community influences, curriculum planning and professional responsibilities.

Prereq: Restricted to students with Professional Ed admission.


Methods Of Teaching English And Language Arts 3 cr

Engages the students in shaping viable perspective for teaching English in today's middle/secondary school; in planning, developing, and evaluating a course, a unit, and a lesson series; in considering and practicing several modes of instructing-learning; in individualizing learning for particular adolescents; and in preparing, generally, for the Teaching Practicum.

Prereq: EDFOUND-212 or EDFOUND-222 and restricted to students with Professional Ed admission.


Methods of Teaching Foreign Languages and ESL 3 cr

An introduction to the principles and techniques of teaching modern foreign languages including English as a second language designed to prepare students for the Teaching Practicum. Emphasis is placed on the communicative approach to lesson planning, classroom instruction and proficiency assessment in accordance with the WI Academic Standards.


Methods Of Teaching Mathematics 3 cr

A study of the materials, methods, curriculum and structure of secondary school mathematics. Review of current objectives in secondary school mathematics.

Prereq: Restricted to students with Professional Ed admission.


Methods Of Teaching Science 3 cr

Designed to acquaint students with basic educational techniques; to develop in students the ability to utilize effectively techniques characteristic of science programs, namely, laboratory learning to acquaint students with new approaches to science; to familiarize students with new developments in the science curriculum; to help students gain a broad vision of their teaching profession, their science area and their responsibilities to all students.

Prereq: Restricted to students with Professional Ed admission.


Methods Of Teaching Social Studies 3 cr

The study of the teaching-learning process, objectives in social studies, planning for teaching, selection of content and resources, teaching-learning strategies and evaluative methods.

Prereq: Restricted to students with Professional Ed admission.


Methods Of Teaching Speech 3 cr

Designed to help students develop a philosophy of speech education; skill in preparing courses of study, unit and lesson plans adapted to the needs and abilities of their students; methods of improving skill in evaluating the work of their students; and to give direction in planning and conducting extracurricular activities.


Methods Of Teaching Journalism 3 cr

This course is designed to meet the needs of teachers or prospective teachers who wish to prepare themselves for teaching journalism, for teaching communications units, or for sponsoring publications in secondary schools.


Language Acquisition For The Bilingual Child 3 cr

An examination of the process involved in the acquisition of a first and second language and the implications this has for the curriculum and language instruction in the bilingual school. Special emphasis on stages of language development, the role of adult models, teachers, and environment in language learning, social classes and differences in language development, dialect differences and language development; etc.

Unreq: CIGENRL-435/635.


Modern School Mathematics Curriculum 3 cr

A survey of selected school mathematics curriculum development projects, topics in comparative mathematics education and selected topics in ongoing research in mathematics education.

Prereq: Consent of instructor.


The Modern High School 3 cr

Modern High School is a class that examines the role of the high school in today's society. It looks at changes in structures, curriculum, support programs and instructional techniques, as well as their philosophical and theoretical foundations.


The Representation of Experience and Knowledge * 3 cr

An investigation of the methods of representing perception and experience of the world. Correlations will be made between inquiry and the formalizing of meaning through imaging. Special consideration will be given to applicants for alternative education programs.


Multicultural Construction of Meaning * 3 cr

A critical view of social and intellectual development. Special consideration will be given to culturally and economically diverse populations within common educational settings.


Formal and Informal Learning Environments * 3 cr

An examination of a variety of structures within which learning occurs. The classroom will be considered both context and content for learning and the construction of meaning. Through an analysis of classroom environments participants will synthesize potentials for change in their concept of teaching and learning.


The Marginal Student * 3 cr

This course will act to sensitize students to the characteristics of the marginal student and the forces that cause that marginalization. Students will evaluate the effects of their choices and actions on others (students, parents, other professionals, and the community).


The Emancipatory Pedagogies: Teaching and Learning for Empowerment *3 cr

An investigation of educational practice and its application to critical theory. Democracy, community, collaboration, and empowerment relative to the alternative education programs will be considered.

*These courses may be taken to satisfy the requirements for the 952 license. Applicants for this license must hold a valid teaching license and be currently employed in a school setting. Additionally, the following are required for admission to the Alternative Education Programs licensure cohort:

1. Admission to the Graduate school

2. Written statement (250-500 words) describing one's philosophy of education and interest in the teaching in alternative education programs

3. Letters of recommendation from two of the following: chief administrator; immediate supervisor; school partner, e.g. school-to-work site administrator; students.


Art Education For The Secondary School 3 cr

A graduate course for art or secondary teachers or those preparing to teach in these areas. The study of contemporary approaches to teaching art education as aesthetic education in the middle and senior high curriculum; class discussions, studio and laboratory experiences and original research for the implementation of individualized art teaching.