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Sociology (SOCIOLGY)


Sociology Of Health And Illness 3 cr

This course examines the sociocultural aspects of health and illness, the patient-practitioner relationship, the socialization of health practitioners, the social organization of health care services, and the role of ethics in medical decision-making. It analyzes the problems and inequities in our present system of health care delivery in the United States, with particular emphasis on the sexism, racism, and classism in policy and practice. It analyzes alternative models of health care delivery, and discusses modifications in policy and practice necessary to bring about change.


Contemporary Japanese Society 3-4 cr

This course examines contemporary Japanese society. It includes a study of social institutions, processes, and culture of Japan. The course examines the following areas: (a) culture (beliefs, customs, social identity); (b) social institutions (family, religion, education, work, media); (c) societal processes (socialization, deviance, urbanization); (d) inequalities (gender, income, race-ethnic, region); and (e) the politics, economy, and international position of Japan.

Prereq: Graduate Standing or consent of Instructor.


Social Psychology 3 cr

An examination of the process and results of human interaction with an emphasis on attitudes and attitude change, society and personality, intergroup relations, and processes of socialization.


Population Dynamics 3 cr

A study of the development of world population and the social significance of different population sizes and growth rates; emphasis on the social determinants of fertility, mortality, and migration.


Juvenile Delinquency 3 cr

A study of the incidence of delinquency, theories and findings regarding causation and the policies designed for treatment and prevention.


The Holocaust: Nazi Germany And The Genocide Of The Jews 3 cr

This course will examine the origins, implementation, and legacies of the Nazi Holocaust against the Jews. It is intended to help students gain an appreciation of the importance of the Holocaust to the Jewish experience, while understanding that other groups also were victimized. (Offered jointly with religious studies).

Prereq: 3 credits in Sociology, History, or Religious Studies.

Unreq: RELIGST-388/588


Sociology Of The Family 3 cr

An analysis of the family as a social institution with emphasis on its development, characteristics, and condition in a rapidly changing social milieu.


Extraordinary Groups: The Sociology Of Intentional Communities 3 cr

This course is a sociological analysis of a selection of unique groups in our society that illustrates its tremendous range of subcultural diversity. The groups studied are chosen for three reasons: they illustrate major sociological principles in concrete form, they are diverse, and they are interesting.


Classical and Contemporary Perspective 3 cr

An examination of classical and contemporary social thought. The connections between early major European and contemporary U.S. and international theorists will be emphasized to analyze key areas of sociological inquiry. The course will map important theoretical camps in sociology as well as conduct analysis of contemporary and historical issues using social theory.

Prereq: 6 units in sociology including SOCIOLGY 301 or consent of instructor.


Methods Of Social Research 3 cr

To acquaint the student with research methods in sociology and social science: the foundation of sociology in science, the role of theory in research, construction of research design, sampling, data gathering techniques, and analysis and interpretation of data.


Workshop 1-6 cr


Seminar 3 cr


Special Studies 1-3 cr


American Social Institutions 3 cr

An analysis of the role, structure, and functions of American social institutions as frameworks for human interaction. Emphasis will be given to the relationship between institutional arrangements, class structure and individual action. Not to be enrolled in by students who have majored in sociology.


Workshop 1-6 cr


Seminar 1-3 cr


Individual Studies 1-3 cr