Student Handbook

UWS Chapter 14: Student Academic Disciplinary Procedures

UWS. 14.02 Definitions

In this chapter:

  1. "Academic misconduct" means an act described in s. UWS 14.03.
  2. "Academic misconduct hearing committee" means the committee or hearing examiner appointed pursuant to s. UWS 14.15 to conduct hearings under UWS 14.08.
  3. "Chancellor" means the chancellor or designee.
  4. "Days" means calendar days.
  5. "Disciplinary file" means the record maintained by the student affairs officer responsible for student discipline.
  6. "Disciplinary probation" means a status in which a student may remain enrolled in the University only upon the condition that the student complies with specified standards of conduct for a specified period of time, not to exceed 2 semesters.
  7. "Disciplinary sanction" means any action listed in s. UWS 14.04 taken in response to student academic misconduct.
  8. "Expulsion" means termination of student status with resultant loss of all student rights and privileges.
  9. "Hearing examiner" means an individual appointed by the chancellor in accordance with s. UWS 14.15 for the purpose of conducting a hearing under s. UWS 14.08.
  10. "Institution" means any University or center, or organizational equivalent designated by the board.
  11. "Instructor" means the faculty member or instructional academic staff member who has responsibility for the overall conduct of a course and ultimate responsibility for the assignment of the grade for the course.
  12. "Investigating officer" means an individual, or his or her designee, appointed by the chancellor of each institution to carry out certain responsibilities in the course of investigations of academic misconduct under this chapter.
  13. "Student" means any person who is registered for study in an institution for the academic period in which the misconduct occurred.
  14. "Student affairs officer" means the dean of students or student affairs officer designated by the chancellor to carry out duties described in this chapter.
  15. "Suspension" means a loss of student status for a specified length of time, not to exceed 2 years, with resultant loss of all student rights and privileges.

History: Cr. Register, February, 1989, No. 398, eff. 3-1-89.