Student Handbook

UWS Chapter 14: Student Academic Disciplinary Procedures

UWS 14.05 Disciplinary sanction imposed at the discretion of the instructor

  1. Where an instructor concludes that a student enrolled in one of his or her courses has engaged in academic misconduct in the course, the instructor for that course may impose one or more of the following disciplinary sanctions, as listed under s. UWS 14.04 (1) (a) through (c):
    1. An oral reprimand;
    2. A written reprimand presented only to the student; or
    3. An assignment to repeat the work, to be graded on its merits.
  2. No disciplinary sanction may be imposed under this section unless the instructor promptly offers to discuss the matter with the student. The purpose of this discussion is to permit the instructor to review with the student the bases for his or her belief that the student engaged in academic misconduct, and to afford the student an opportunity to respond.
  3. A student who receives a disciplinary sanction under this section has the right to a hearing before the academic misconduct hearing committee under s. UWS 14.08 to contest the determination that academic misconduct occurred, or the disciplinary sanction imposed, or both. If the student desires such a hearing, he or she must file a written request with the student affairs officer within 10 days of imposition of the disciplinary sanction by the instructor.

History: Cr. Register, February, 1989, No. 398, eff. 3-1-89.