Student Handbook

UWS Chapter 14: Student Academic Disciplinary Procedures

UWS 14.01 Statement of Principles
UWS 14.02 Definitions
UWS 14.03 Academic Misconduct Subject to Disciplinary action
UWS 14.04 Disciplinary sanctions
UWS 14.05 Disciplinary sanction imposed at the discretion of the instructor
UWS 14.06 Disciplinary sanction imposed following a report of academic misconduct by the instructor
UWS 14.08 Hearing
UWS 14.09 Appeal to the Chancellor
UWS 14.10 Discretionary Appeal to the Board of Regents
UWS 14.11 Settlement
UWS 14.12 Effect of Discipline within the University System
UWS 14.13 Right of Petition of Readmission
UWS 14.14 Investigating Officer
UWS 14.15 Academic Misconduct Hearing Committee
UWS 14.16 Notice to Students
UWS 14.17 Notice to Instructors
UWS 14.18 Consistent Institutional Policies


This information identifies the procedures to be followed when a student is accused of academic misconduct. Chapter UWS 14, as approved by the Board of Regents and the State of Wisconsin, is reproduced herein (local options are typed in bolder type). Nonacademic discipline is covered by Chapter UWS 17. Please refer to those procedures or contact the Office of Student Affairs for more information concerning nonacademic disciplinary procedures.