Student Handbook

UWS Chapter 17: Student Nonacademic Disciplinary Procedures

UWS 17.10 Disciplinary sanctions

  1. The following are the disciplinary sanctions that may be imposed for nonacademic misconduct, in accordance with the procedures of ss. UWS 17.11 to 17.13, are any of the following:
    1. A written reprimand.
    2. Denial of specified university privileges.
    3. Restitution.
    4. Educational or service sanctions, including community service.
    5. Disciplinary probation.
    6. Imposition of reasonable terms and conditions on continued student status.
    7. Removal from a course in progress.
    8. Enrollment restrictions on a course or program.
    9. Suspension.
    10. Expulsion.
  2. One or more of the disciplinary sanctions listed in sub. (1) may be imposed for an incident of nonacademic misconduct.
  3. Disciplinary sanctions shall not include the termination or revocation of student financial aid; however, this shall not be interpreted as precluding the individual operation of rules or standards governing eligibility for student financial aid under which the imposition of a disciplinary sanction could result in disqualification of a student for financial aid.

Revised effective September 1, 2009