Student Handbook

UWS Chapter 18: Conduct on University Lands

UWS 18.03 Law Enforcement

  1. The board may designate police officers who are authorized to enforce these rules and regulations and to police all lands under the control of the board.  These officers shall have all the powers provided in s. 36.11(2), Stats., except where such powers are specifically limited or modified by the board. These officers may accept concurrent appointments as deputy sheriffs.
  2. Uniformed police officers shall be identified by an appropriate shield or badge bearing the word “Police” and a number or name plate, which shall be conspicuously worn when enforcing this chapter. Police officers assigned to non−uniformed duties shall identify themselves with an appropriate badge or police identification card when enforcing this chapter.
  3. Parking attendants are authorized to enforce the parking regulations in s. UWS 18.05.

Revised effective September 1, 2009