UWS 18.05 Parking Rules

  1. Parking is prohibited at all times on roads, drives and fire lanes traversing university lands, except that the chief administrative officer is authorized to establish parking areas, parking limits, and methods of parking on the lands under said officer’s jurisdiction, and may designate parking areas for specific groups at specific times, providing such areas are properly posted as parking areas.  Parking in university parking facilities may be restricted or prohibited as required for reasons of maintenance and snow removal.
  2. Except as provided in sub. (3), parking in university parking areas shall be prohibited during posted times to persons other than those specifically assigned to those areas.  Motor vehicles so assigned to any parking areas shall be identified by a valid parking permit affixed to the vehicle in a manner prescribed by the chief administrative officer.
  3. In order to provide parking in university parking facilities for patrons of public university events, motor vehicles may be permitted to park in facilities designated for this purpose by the chief administrative officer.  Public events parking shall be for a limited time only, not exceeding 12 hours continuously, and appropriate fees may be established.  Otherwise valid permits are voidable during this period.
    1. The chief administrative officer may establish visitor parking lots and set appropriate fees for parking in those lots.
    2. Unrestricted and unassigned parking areas for students, faculty, staff and visitors may be established by the chief administrative officer.
  4. Parking shall be prohibited at all times in areas which must be kept clear for the passage of fire apparatus. These areas shall be designated by standard signs reading “Fire Zone, No Parking at Any Time, Day or Night” or “Fire Lane, No Parking at Any Time, Day or Night.”
    1. Parking is prohibited at all times in areas which must be kept clear for vehicles to load and unload. These areas shall be designated by appropriate signs.
  5. Motor vehicles parked in a restricted parking area without a valid permit or motor vehicles parked in a fire zone, fire lane, loading zone, or no parking zone, and unlicensed or partially dismantled motor vehicles may, at the owner’s expense, be towed from the restricted parking areas and stored.  Towed vehicles, if not claimed after notice to the owner, shall be considered abandoned and shall be disposed of as provided in s. 20.909 (1), Stats.
  6. Any person who violates any of the provisions of this section may be fined up to $200. Each institution shall establish a schedule of fines, which may include penalties for late payment.