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Self-Study Reports

Table of Contents Table of Contents
Overview of the University & Self-Study Process
Introduction PDF
Chapter One
Criterion #1 Mission and Integrity
Chapter One Criterion #1
Chapter Two
Criterion #2: Preparing for the Future
Chapter Two Criterion #2
Chapter Three
Criterion #3: Student Learning and Effective Teaching
Chapter Three Criterion #3
Chapter Four
Criterion #4: Acquisition, Discovery, and Application of Knowledge
Chapter Four Criterion #4
Chapter Five
Criterion #5: Engagement & Service
Chapter Five Criterion #5
Chapter Six
Criterion #6: Change Request
Chapter Six Criterion #6
Chapter Seven
Criterion #7: Summary of Findings & Request for Continued Accreditation
Chapter One Criterion #7


Appendix A: Profile of the University Org Chart Appendix
Appendix B: Organizational Chart Committee Membership Appendix C
Appendix C: Committee Assignments for Self-Study Process Committee Membership Appendix C
Appendix D: Advisory Boards in Academic Units Appendix Academic Advisory Committees

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