University Honors Program (UHP)
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Message to UHP Students

Welcome to the UW-Whitewater Honors Program

The University Honors Program (UHP) is one of the premier high-impact educational practice programs on our campus. It is housed under the larger unit called Student Diversity, Engagement, and Success (SDES).

There are many opportunities for personal enrichment and professional development in the UHP. Honors courses offer smaller class sizes, which allow students to get to know their professors better and to befriend other high-achieving and creative Honors students. Student can also earn Honors credits through their course-bearing internships and independent research projects. Through Honors-Option Projects, students can delve more deeply into a topic of interest while converting credits in a regular course into Honors credits. Special Honors courses such as Honors Multicultural Events, the Honors Common Read, and the Honors Seminar allow students to explore topics of interest through experiential learning while building community with other Honors students. For example, the Honors Seminar in past semesters has included students participating in a round table discussion at a regional social justice conference and a travel study to Washington, D.C. In Spring 2019, the Honors Seminar focused on the timely topic of U.S. immigration and included a travel study to New York City. Additionally, a once-in-a-lifetime enrichment opportunity is the Honors travel study course to the United Kingdom and Ireland (offered the spring of every odd-numbered year). Students' experiences with these varied high-impact practices can be shared at the regional Honors conference, which we participate in every spring. We are also partnering with other SDES programs to help students engage with other experiential learning opportunities on campus to gain Honors credit, such as Undergraduate Research and Community-Based Learning. 

Finally, the Honors Student Association (HSA) is one of the most active student orgs on campus. It provides opportunities for community, leadership, and service learning.

We here at the Honors Program encourage you to take advantage of the many high-impact educational practices available through the University Honors Program. Come and join us!