Priority Selection FAQ

What is Priority Selection?

It’s a new addition to the reapplication process that allows students the opportunity to be eligible to be randomly chosen to pick their room before the actual room selection process begins for all other reapplying students. This means that if you are chosen for Priority Selection and you want to live in a specific hall, you will have access to select your room on April 13th, 2018 meanwhile the rest of the student’s will wait to select on April 17th, 2018. This means that you will most likely get a room in your desired hall because you were allowed to choose your room early.

 Why is Priority Selection being offered?

There are two reasons why Priority Selection is being offered.

1)      To encourage students to submit their Deposit Payment pages early (Feb. 5-7).  It is University Housing’s hope that more students will submit their contracts earlier in the process to become eligible for Priority Selection which in turn allows University Housing more time to process student contracts.  In past years, students often waited until the very last day to submit their Deposit Payment pages as there was no incentive to submit it before the final deadline. Therefore, it allowed for a shorter period of time for University Housing to get all contracts entered correctly in the system prior to selection.

2)     Priority Selection will offer University Housing a “test run” of the selection process with a smaller number of students. While University Housing hopes that there will be no glitches in the selection process, it is hard to really know for sure if there are glitches without having students actually selecting rooms on the system.  It is the hope that if any problems occur with those selected for Priority Selection that these problems can be corrected before all other students gain access to the selection site.

 How do I become eligible to be randomly chosen for Priority Selection?

To be considered eligible for this process you will have to turn in your signed Deposit Payment Page to Goodhue Hall on February 5, February 6, or February 7. University Housing will randomly choose a limited number of students for Priority Selection.

NOTE: By turning in your Deposit Payment Page on one of these 3 dates does NOT guarantee that you will be chosen for Priority Selection.

 How will I know that I have been chosen for Priority Selection?

University Housing will contact students at their UW-Whitewater email address if they have been chosen for Priority Selection on March 2nd, 2018. You will also receive a granted or denied email from University Housing if you applied for Starin Hall or the on-campus apartments.

 Is Priority Selection different for students that are applying for Starin Hall or the on-campus apartments?

The only notable difference is that when applying for Starin Hall or the on-campus apartments, students who want to live together must ALL have their signed Deposit Payment Pages in BEFORE you turn in your application for Starin and/or the on-campus apartments. Also, if only one of the people on your application turned in their signed Deposit Payment Page on February 5, 6, or 7 then your group could potentially be chosen for Priority Selection. It’s more likely that your group will be chosen for Priority Selection if all 4 students turn in their signed Deposit Payment Pages on February 5, 6, or 7. 


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