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Phone: (262)-472-4200
General Email:
Room Assignments Email:


First Year Students: Sunday, September 2nd

Returning Students are encouraged to move in on the 2nd if they would like assistance or Monday, Sept. 3rd (9am-3pm) or Tuesday, Sept. 4th (9am-3pm).


Arey 1024 W. Starin Rd.
Benson 1008 W. Starin Rd.
Bigelow 1018 W. Starin Rd.
Clem 1012 W. Starin Rd.
Fischer 339 Wyman Mall
Fricker 1022 W. Starin Rd.
Goodhue 335 Wyman Mall
Knilans 411 N. Prairie St.
Lee 1020 W. Starin Rd.
Starin 901 W. Starin Rd.
Tutt 431 N. Prairie St.
Wellers 441 N. Prairie St.
Wells 471 N. Prairie St.


Letters and packages should be address using the format below.
Your Name (no nicknames)
Your Room Number and Hall Name
Your Hall Street Address
Whitewater, WI 53190


HallFront DeskHall Staff
Arey (262) 472-2757 (262) 472-3148
Benson (262) 472-5698 (262) 472-2126
Bigelow (262) 472-2253 (262) 472-2256
Clem (262) 472-2512 (262) 472-2515
Fischer (262) 472-2627 (262) 472-4459
Fricker (262) 472-2757 (262) 472-2760
Goodhue (262) 472-4200 (262) 472-5679
Knilans (262) 472-3015 (262) 472-3018
Lee (262) 472-3145 (262) 472-3148
Starin (262) 472-6919 (262) 472-6912
Tutt (262) 472-4456 (262) 472-1808
Wellers (262) 472-4599 (262) 472-4602
Wells (262) 472-3708 (262) 472-1990

Click here for up to date staff contact information.


  • General Information: (262) 472-4200
  • Room Assignments: (262) 472-4255
  • FAX Number: (262) 472-5277
  • Facilities: (262) 472-1502
  • Residential Life: (262) 472-5275
  • Technology (ResNET): (262) 472-3233


To avoid congestion on move-in day, you will need to complete the Express Check-In form found here. This form will be available Aug. 1st at 10am.
*By completing the Express Check-In, you can avoid steps 2 and 3 listed at the bottom of the page under Opening Day Check-In steps.


Move-in assistance will only be provided by volunteer student organizations on Sept 3rd from 9am-3pm. (We encourage students with even numbered rooms to move in from 9am-12pm and those with odd numbered room to move in from 12pm-3pm.)

    Check in hours are as follows:
  • Sunday, Sept 2nd – 9am-10pm
  • Monday, Sept 3rd – 9am-10pm

*Other campus Office hours are varied throughout the weekend. Please visit individual websites for more information.


Enclosed is a campus map and two colored unloading passes. The color of the pass and map route correspond. Please use the recommended route to arrive at your assigned hall and unloading zone. By following this color-coded route, you will help to minimize traffic congestion. The unloading pass should be hung on your rearview mirror prior to your arrival on campus to assist volunteers in directing you along your specific color-coded route.

Click Here for more detailed driving directions

Starin Hall and Goodhue Hall residents will not receive unloading passes and do not follow a color coded route.


When you arrive at your designated unloading zone, volunteers will assist you with unloading your vehicle. Look for them in their white or purple 'Warhawk Crew' shirts. The unloading pass is valid for 20 minutes, after which you will need to move your vehicle to the nearest parking lot to avoid traffic congestion and parking fees. The parking lots will not be monitored by parking services on move-in day; however, staff and handicap parking stalls are still reserved.

Students should proceed to the front desk of their residence hall to begin the check-in process, while volunteers assist with unloading and the driver relocates the vehicle. Once you have your room key and your vehicle is in a proper parking space, you may continue moving in.


  • Step 1: Pick up Residence Hall Check-In Packet with Room Key at front desk
  • Step 2: Complete Resident Emergency Contact Information Card
  • Step 3: Complete Meningitis and Hepatitis Vaccination Information
    *Please bring information regarding vaccination history
  • Step 4: Complete the Room Condition Form
  • Step 5: Return your Room Condition Form to your Resident Assistant (RA)
  • Step 6: Unpack and set up room
  • Step 7: Attend floor meeting(s)


In your room will be a Room Condition Form. Please review the form, sign it, and turn it in to your RA.


    Standard Low Rise Room dimensions:
  • 11' x 15.6' (Arey, Benson, Bigelow, Clem, Fischer, Goodhue, Knilans, Lee, Tutt, Wellers)
    Wells Hall "L-shaped" Room dimensions:
  • 9' wide (narrow end)
  • 12' wide (wide end)
  • 16' long
    Starin Hall Room Dimensions:
  • 12' x 12' kitchen
  • 12' x 12' living area
  • 8' x 13' bedroom

Floor plans may be viewed at:


Your room comes with standard furnishings (listed below). If you ordered a loft prior to Aug. 7th, it will already be set up for you in your room. Loft orders placed after Aug. 7th will need to be picked up. Check move- in day signage or inquire at your front desk for area specific pick-up information. Rules, regulations and additional information about lofts can be found here.

Lofts are available for rent at
If you have any questions, call (866) 651-5638 or (217) 351-5502.


Standard Double Room: 2 beds, 2 dressers, 2 desks, 2 desk chairs, mirror(s), ethernet jacks, 1 cable TV jack, trash and recycling containers, 2 closet spaces, draperies, and carpeting. (Triple rooms and extended occupancy rooms will have the appropriate furnishing based on number of assigned roommates.)

*For Starin Hall, please visit


Mattress sizes are all 36" x 80", so you may want to purchase extra long twin size sheets (available at department stores). Additionally, one of the student groups on campus, National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH), sells linens to students.

For more information, call (800) 957-4338 or go to


Removal of university furniture is prohibited, and all furniture must remain in the rooms and common areas to which it has been allocated. Lobby, lounge, and basement furniture or other university property is not permitted in your room.

  • Things you may want to bring:
    • television and DVD player
    • coax cable (cable TV provided)
    • personal computer
    • refrigerator (4.7 cubic ft. max)
    • microwave (900 watts max.)
    • clock
    • radio
    • fan
    • futon
    • bedding
  • Things not to bring:
    • large, loud speakers
    • open coil appliances
    • carpet (rooms are carpeted)
    • halogen lights
    • pets
    • candles
    • large refrigerators
    • air conditioners
    • indoor grills
    • weight equipment

Be sure to contact your future roommate before bringing expensive or heavy items!


University Housing has computer labs available to students in each residence hall complex. The labs have the same general software available that other non-specialized computer labs on campus offer.

Currently, the UW-Whitewater ResNET (Residential Network) consists of more than 6,000 data jacks and wireless access points throughout the Residence Halls. Each room has at least one data jack. All halls have 100% wireless coverage. Please make sure you have a dual-band wireless device for optimal performance. If you choose not to use wireless, you will need an ethernet cable, which may be purchased at most major electronic stores. We recommend a length of 25 feet. Please contact ResNET for ethernet jack activation requests.

For more information on campus wireless, please reference:

ResNET also provides useful computing information and computer technical support. For liability reasons we may not service hardware.

The Residence Halls offer an all-digital cable line-up using the ClearQAM standard. You do not need a cable box if you have a newer TV that has a ClearQAM (specs may indicate QAM, QAM-256 or ClearQAM) tuner. If you have a newer TV and are unsure that it is digital, take a look at the remote and see if there is a button for dot(.), dash(-) or sub-channel.

Our cable system currently has more than 170 channels featuring 80+ HD Channels, 11 premium channel HBO/Cinemax lineup and 24 SiriusXM music channels.

To access policies or other information, please visit our website at: or contact our office by phone: (262)-472-3233 or email:


Parking Permits are handled through Visitor & Parking Services, (262)- 472-1011. Students with housing contracts are mailed parking permit registration materials in August of each year. Lot assignments are made on a "first-come, first-served basis" as registrations are returned, with assignments made to the available parking lot nearest the resident's hall first. Resident parking permit fees for 2018-2019 are $300 for close proximity, and $150 for the Lot 22 option. *Subject to change

The resident lot assignment process ensures that a parking space is available to the resident, and that parking areas in proximity to academic functions are available to commuting students, faculty and staff. After 7:00pm, vehicles with resident parking permits may park in metered and unrestricted spaces in the academic parking areas. Meter fees are not required for vehicles with permits after 7:00pm.

Moped parking is permitted only at the moped stalls located in the parking lots around campus. Students may NOT lock their moped at the bike racks. The parking permit fee for a moped is $50 for the 2018-2019 academic year. Operating a moped on a sidewalk is PROHIBITED, and violation of this policy will be strictly enforced by Campus Police.

Visit Parking Services on the web at:


Bike lockers are completely enclosed storage units with a lockable door. They protect your bike from weather, theft, and vandalism.

Rental charges are as follows: $50 per academic year, $25 per semester, and $20 for the summer. To reserve a bike locker, please complete the form located on our website: preferably by August 19th.

A confirmation e-mail will be sent to your UWW e-mail account upon completion. Payment is not due at this time; we will add the charge to your student bill (this is the only accepted form of payment). Bike lockers are assigned on a "first-come, first-served" basis. Keys will be available beginning on opening day (September 3rd) at the University Housing front desk, located on the 1st floor of Goodhue Hall.

Problems accessing the online application? Call (262) 472-4200.


Mail is delivered daily to each residence hall by the US Postal Service. Your mail will be put into a locked mailbox which you will share with your roommate(s). Your mailbox number will match your room number, and can be opened using your room key.


Packages sent to you through the US Postal Service will be delivered to your hall and you can pick them up at your residence hall front desk. Our strong recommendation is that you have things sent through the US Postal Service whenever possible. Packages sent to you through any other delivery services (such as, United Parcel Service (UPS), Federal Express (FedEx), etc.), will be delivered to University Housing, 1st floor Goodhue Hall. When packages are received at Goodhue Hall, students will be notified via their UWW e-mail accounts. These packages will need to be picked up with an ID during regular business hours at the Goodhue front desk. Packages not picked up within two weeks of delivery at Goodhue Hall will be returned to the sender.  It is the responsibility of the resident to check their mailbox.

*When sending all mail and packages, please make sure to address to address to the student's given name (no nicknames).

Please refer to the mailing addresses above for instructions on how your mail should be addressed for your specific hall.


As a general rule, students are not allowed into the residence halls prior to the official opening dates in the fall unless the student is affiliated with a University-sponsored activity (athletic participation, campus employment, etc.) Requests for an early check-in should come from the appropriate University sponsor.

Some individuals may face specific circumstances that may require an early check-in to a Residence Hall. For students approved for early arrival, there will be a non-refundable charge of $15 per day prior to the start of the University Housing contract which begins September 3rd Requests made after Friday, August 18th will be assessed an additional one-time administrative fee of $20. Please realize that early arrival check-in may be refused for any individual who fails to provide prior notice.

Additional early arrival information can be found here.

Early arrivals (unless previous arrangements have been made by the university sponsor) will check-in at the 1st floor desk in Goodhue Hall. Beginning Sunday, September 3rd, all students will check-in at their respective residence hall.


The University is not liable for personal property which may be lost, stolen, or damaged in any way (including damages from sprinkler systems), nor does it carry insurance to cover such losses. Students should check with their families about insurance coverage.

All students are responsible for helping to maintain the security of the residence hall. This may be done by locking doors, following established procedures, and immediately reporting all suspicious behavior to your Resident Assistant or Complex Director.


UW-Whitewater has many opportunities for employment on campus for work study and non-work study students.

Please visit for employment opportunities on and off campus.

University Housing utilizes Handshake to announce position openings throughout the year as do many other departments on campus. To gain a better understanding of positions available within University Housing, please visit the staff tab on the website.


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